Benson: Giuliani-Cohen feud puts Trump team in a tough spot

well I can tell you this a place that the president does not want to be is having his current attorney firing back at his longtime attorney that’s not a healthy spot 14 Trump because Michael Cohen was a trusted fixer and attorney and confidante many many years her president Trump prior to him being president and if he’s decided it’s in is in his interests to flip on Trump whether he’s telling new truths or inventing new stories to help his own self helping save his own skin that is a war of words that is not particularly helpful to transfer example watching Rudy Giuliani go on TV and parsing weather certain recordings cut off at a certain time and asking why that’s the case I mean not a healthy spot a couple of developments today that we’ve seen in that that somewhat coming from Giuliani and other reporting and that’s that there may not be any other tapes with the president’s voice on them but there are a lot of tapes which begs the question how do you say you don’t know I mean it it’s illegal to do that and I think what’s interesting here is Giuliani is clearly trying to cast so much doubt on the tapes and what are not there digital recording says he recorded them with his phone it sound like he had a reel-to-reel someone with the president phone and I don’t know why CNN wasn’t more explicit about what they got and questioned why they didn’t get more of it because that’s always you don’t know the president but we’re getting so far away from focus and objectivity and it’ll be really interesting to see is talking about the president enough to damage his reputation that he is ultimately from office because that seems to be the aim of many of the players here I want to draw everybody’s attention to the live picture on the left side of your screen because that is the White House and of course were waiting for Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to join our presidents of the United Mid-States inside the White House they will heal arrive I mean this is very traditional and so we always like to capture these pictures when they have this is particularly special and interesting though because this man Conti is supposed to be or has been to be perhaps the closest Allied supporter of our current president in Europe so this will be one to watch they will have a bilateral meeting they will have a news conference a bit later and we will cover it as it happens here on Fox News also that is often to the left of the screen as you look at your TV and I just wanted to reference that there has been a little bit of a quiet from Democrats perhaps Adrienne one of those situations where you just sit back and let the attorneys set themselves on proverbial fire things are culminating that we insisted Perhaps it is coming to an end stop being crazy assumption to think that this is not coming to an end sooner than later however this particular point he called Michael Cohen and honest man attorney Giuliani would want to criticize is Michael telling Michael Cohen knows a lot and he will know that things that they had with Michael Cohen in his office and some of the phone conversations if they were so worried they would be that’s where you would come up with radio silence not necessarily from whatever is gettable he wants it mean whenever I hear the Clinton cleaner out there defending the Trump cleaning your ears feel dirty Lindsey Graham said earlier today they were there over the weekend when he said you know I’ve been a lawyer for long time I’ve never seen a lawyer behave this way talk to you about Cohen and the fact that he recorded all of these conversations with clients and now Lenny Davidson sings reason why he did this is because he liked to record things rather than taking notes well I don’t buy that that’s not what lawyers do he said that it is actually not like rare that people would do this because of the phone devices that people might report to help take notes it makes it easier contemporaneously assistant to help you tell though in general I think it’s an interesting conversation because it’s the president’s voices on one of them to me Trump would be understandably upset to learn that he was surreptitiously recorded by his own attorney and that tape is now leaving to CNN on TV twice today on our Network either one saying that collusion is not a crime which is a change or a pivot from there is no collusion and I’m sitting here I’m watching Rudy and I’m wondering is this Rudy sort of being the pundit or is this a new legal because they have insisted and sworn top-to-bottom there was no collusion and if the president’s top lawyer now is out there seating this messaging on television that collusion wouldn’t be a crime that seems like a bit of a change and on Fox and Friends you notice we play the clip he said president Trump was not at that meeting Donald Trump was not at that meeting that was never the allegation it is true we have not heard this from Giuliani so far yet right we’ve heard Trump time and time again on Twitter on National Television at rally saying I did include there was no collusion now you have his attorney who’s going on silly we’ve heard it twice it’s not a crime humidity for solvents in this was his insurance policy to make sure if you were doing so many untoward acts on behalf of his very few clients was getting paid I mean you don’t have to be to your job corps if you’re shady
President’s legal team ramps up attacks on his former attorney; the ‘Outnumbered’ panel debates.

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