Bernie Sanders former campaign manager: Democrats need progressive message to win in 2020

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Bernie Sanders former campaign manager: Democrats need progressive message to win in 2020
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we’re 99 days away from midterm elections and as soon as that’s over we’ll be talking about a different number 2020 some people are already in presidential campaign mode is Bernie Sanders author of the book how Bernie want inside the revolution that’s taking back our country and where we go from here welcome to Jeff Weaver Senator Bernie Sanders was the real winner of the 2016 election because of what you call the political revolution that Bernie gave voice to will that raises the question here in 2018 what kind of democrat is going to be able to win baseball Democrats are winning the Democratic nomination for governor in Maryland the Abrams in Georgia Andrew gallons running in Florida all over the country by progressives are running and winning frankly Bernie Sanders has not made a decision yet about whether to run out but I think if we’re going to be successful in defeating Trump and ending this business administration we’re going to have to do denominator Progressive certainly didn’t Trump why do think that we have to point out though what he’s doing in terms of his on a phobia in terms of his racism in terms of his anti-muslim bigotry and the harm Frankie that he’s doing the Working Class People from one end of this country to another we do have to do that but at the same time we have to circulator Progressive Vision about where we want to see the country go so that we are offering a real alternative to what Trump is presenting alternate Vision to what the Republican candidate was President dig it was too much focus on just attacking her opponent so how much do you think Democrats have learned that lesson call Texas country hunger for Progressive vision and Garcinia candidates before and many many others who are running and waiting there so many first-time candidates running this time I think many of them fire frankly by Bernie’s run morning. To see in ratifying that the Grassroots of America is waking up and standing up and I think we’re going to be Trump in 2020 economic numbers are very good and we talked about the macroeconomy about Healthcare certainly in the cost of healthcare which continues to go up there going to afford college for their kids over to take care of parents who are going to need long-term care which is very expensive what was it really going to happen if people in their personal lives on Face the Nation earlier this month listen to that the Democratic Party Chris first party leader decision about the party leader on us first if you win in November his have explicitly said that they will not support Nancy Pelosi what do you make of root of all evil Cortez’s response there and also the position taken by some Democrats that in fact they think it’s time that Nancy Pelosi represents too much of the Old Guard new take back the house that’s the point at which Democrats in the house we’ll get together and figure out what should be we can talk about the speaker’s office right now is he think it’s just two premature to take a position on that issue negative policies of the republicans in Congress that should be the focus of Democrats running around as most who’s going to be the speaker not be the speaker it’s all very hypothetical direction of the democratic party when you talk about that specific question so what would be your response to that that this is not just a question about Nancy Pelosi the individual but overall I think she’s always been very fair to progressives in the Congress as well as other segments of the party I do think you’re speaking generally that the party needs to move in a much older and more aggressively Progressive I think we saw in the primaries or Bernie Sanders small towns in America which is where the Democratic party has got to expand its support as well as with young people pickle young people of color who chose to sit out the 2016 general election you know what young people overwhelmingly voted for Bernie he got more votes than just and Trump combined he won every racial group of Millennials I think we need that kind of leadership that would just going to the party Journal op-ed recently saying quote because the policies Miss ocasio-cortez Advocate are so far from the mainstream her election in November would make it harder for Congress to stop fighting and start fixing problem how do you see a chat there any risk in running from the left who did tremendous damage the Democratic party key parts of the Affordable Care Act was going through he really played a very negative role in stopping the recount in Florida 2000 Envision the Democratic party I think it’s time for them to step aside and let new leadership take over my new leadership vision council’s prosecution of former Trump campaign chairman Paul manafort now on his work and Ukraine how big of a role did he play in Bernie Sanders campaign The Firm led to the paid media for a campaign so that was a very important part of our campaign to deal with this manafort problem us economy’s 4.1% growth in the second quarter a new CBS News full shows that 50% of Americans approve of his handling of the economy what Avenue do Democrats have to run on the economy when you look at those numbers when you talk about these macro numbers, it looks better but when you look down into household and having a tax bill which gives tremendous amount of money to the rich to bankrupting local schools and local government so we have got to talk about what is really going on in people’s lives but they talked about at the kitchen table at dinner time people are treading water and I think they want to hear somebody who has a path forward for them and their families on their neighbors party of the working class 2016 election obviously thought that Hillary Clinton would win could win but I think most people thought that she would win fact that she lost was a big surprise obviously the people I think there’s been a lot of soul-searching and I do think that there has been a move certainly the Grassroots to the Party fundamentally in a progressive Direction and I think whoever than the next leader of the democratic party is going to be minion 20/20 I have to be somebody who speaks to that base that can represent the aspirations of all the people in the Democratic base the key strengths and weaknesses of each Elizabeth Warren throughout the process what is our weakness I think she needs to get better known around the country I think it’s so many of these candidates are not well-known what do poll about them people just don’t know who they are and how many remember Bernie Sanders was at 3% when he announced in 2015 and then you know captured almost 45% of the delegates so there’s a long period in which people can introduce themselves that she’s gone viral online and appropriately so her questioning of the Republic Vice President of the United States do you still think that he is the strongest candidate on the Democratic side direction that voters want to see it going
Jeff Weaver, who was Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager during his 2016 presidential run, joins CBSN’s “Red & Blue” to discuss his book “How Bernie Won: Inside the Revolution That’s Taking Back Our Country — and Where We Go from Here.”

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