Bernier: Conservatives are ‘morally and intellectually corrupt’

Bernier: Conservatives are ‘morally and intellectually corrupt’
Bernier: Conservatives are ‘morally and intellectually corrupt’
I’Ll, just ten months ago, Maxime Bernier was a heavyweight MP4. The conservative party, but he shun, is caught stunned, his colleagues by calling the party morally corrupt Party of Canada last week for a session Ender interview. It’s for a certified. I guess this year and our session and whatever you want to call it interview absolutely morally and intellectually corrupt. That’S what I said and 10 months ago, and I believe in that, because you know they’re doing politics with the survey and focus group, every special interest group, the cartel in Dairy, poultry and egg and milk they’re also doing identity politics. So they’re, not conservative anymore. If you believe in free markets and in Freedom, you must fight against a cartel in Derry, poultry and eggs that, because of that Kartel, Canadian or paying $ 400 more a year of a distinctive policy differentiation from the other parties. But I’m curious why immigration is such a key party, a policy document, why? Why is that such a big deal to because 49 % of Canadians want to or immigrants only 9 % of Canadians want more immigrants in our country. So I think that you’re staying to do and the conservative that are adding a policy that is the nothing lined with Canadians on immigration and we want more immigrants how to cure less than about what we had a year. You are refugees list of people coming onto the ring, occasionally family and more important ratio for economic immigrants, but together instead of 340,000 a year be the number next year it’s an increase by 40 %. You know we will have the next month of 250,000 a year, but a bigger proportion of them will be economic migrants, because we need more immigrants, real or real or imaginary. A racial policy in the sense that most of the refugees are actually from the Middle East or from Africa. That’S where thing so give the appearance that it’s okay, if you’re coming from Italy, but if coming from Somalia, you are welcome here and 40 % of them would have to be deported in 3 years from now, because Billy Fuji. So we must stop that and we must waiting in a refugee camp, not the one that are crossing the border in Quebec, nvus 10 times fine for Maxime, Bernier between freedom of expression and hate speech. Is there a? Is there a line there? Yeah yeah? Do you know what a giant organized crime outfits jeans are bad for measles because they cause autism you’re going to go with back all these conspiracy theory, and he said after that he doesn’t believe in that he said he was doing a show on YouTube about it, But the most important happening right now that is happening. That’S how I remember odmp Michael Cooper. You know Michael said something today and the day after the member of parliament, of the committee. Mass killer in New Zealand by name and it by Manifesto. You say something that can be disturbing: that’s free speech, that’s the most important and and we have a criminal code again and if you don’t think I must have the right to State and Michael a conspiracy theory that says I don’t know. I mean there’s all kinds of them averaging about to kill Aboriginal people and all volumes is individual Freedom, personal responsibility, Free Speech, also respect and fairness. That’S a platform of the People’s Party of Canada, police, everybody in my party. They have the right to stay but ingesting something that is not in line with the party they will have to retract. They will have to do what I have to do something, but you know we’re building a party and – and I’m very proud of that we have riding associations all across the country we have 40000 members up to now is going well more than all the other political Parties except the conservatives, strong National political party and I’m very, very proud of our country, and I will be 2checkout the Falls during the next few months and I can bring appreciate you coming in. Thank you very much have a nice day.
Months after a shocking exit, People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier stands by his words about his former party.


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