Beyak suspension a ‘totalitarian’ move, says senator | Power & Politics

Beyak suspension a ‘totalitarian’ move, says senator | Power & Politics
Beyak suspension a ‘totalitarian’ move, says senator | Power & Politics
And I think the passing of that gift Senator back an opportunity to reflect that she’s part of an institution and that you must abide by the rules. 2, a high level of integrity and ethics in the Senate, that we had a due process in this case. Centre-Back can change that is some reaction from Senators following lindex. The suspension from the red chamber for the rest of this parliamentary session for colleagues made the move after she refused to apologize for posting letters on her website about indigenous people that have widely been condemned as racist. She also refused to remove those letters, so how did they act offend her actions and why did she insist that she was unfairly punished? The cbc’s John Paul Tasker? Do I think I was following the story all along. Let’S go over what she had to say. First of the letters apologetic did not go down without a fight today, insisting she did absolutely nothing wrong by posting these letters on her up free speech. Of course, we know that many other people think otherwise and an Ethics officer who filed his report only a month ago. She brought shame upon the chamber by putting these letters up on their website and refusing to take them down. She has a much different reputation of, but she’s done for the red chamber take a look reputation by my stand, as clearly stated in thousands of letters from Canadians Integrity to send it. By being so honest about indigenous issues, she also says that her website not a forum for for racism, but rather a form for positivity and calling it one of the best websites in the country for people to learn about indigenous issues. Obviously, a questionable even on her part, she also said that all the problems of indigenous peoples today, problems with housing, well, water, advisories, fire and mold – have nothing to do with colonialism. Have nothing to do with the residential school system that she initially defended, saying that that just has to do with the current label cover policy, and we should reminder beer is that in this essentially all started, because lindback said that there was a positive side to residential Schools she’s got letters of support and posted them on her Senate website. Many of those letters said really disparaging and Frankie racist things about indigenous people, country soaps. She also, then, proceeded to make a plea to her colleagues that this is really an affront to her right to the parliamentarian, compared her whole Saga to a well-known dystopian novel, take a look interferes with the freedom of expression of the people. I represent each state. I know this point. The penalty of the committee report is right out of Orwell’s 1984 by suspending it from the upper house since when the Bill of Rights was first introduced in the English parliament in 1689, ancient again after the election. If they want to keep her the chamber for longer, she will not receive a salary. During this time she will not have access to the chamber. She will be able to maintain any of her staff or office resources. So this is a pretty pets that don’t have any benefits. She will be able to collect your pension if she never comes back, because she served long enough in that chamber, 6 years time to actually collected at retirement, but no salary between now and when that suspension is over, which we expect will be after the next election. Write. Thank you so much for the update JP, the cbc’s John Paul Tasker for another video thanks for watching
Lynn Beyak was suspended from the Senate for the remainder of the parliamentary session after declining to remove letters from her website that have been widely condemned as racist. Beyak called the penalty “totalitarian” and said it was “alien to the tradition of free nations like Canada.”
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