Bianca Andreescu wins Rogers Cup after Serena Williams retires from match

Bianca Andreescu wins Rogers Cup after Serena Williams retires from match
Bianca Andreescu wins Rogers Cup after Serena Williams retires from match
Well, now to the breaking news of a past hour, because the Rogers Cup Final Toronto certainly ended in a dramatic way, Candace Bianca and rescue is this year’s champion. After tennis, Legend Serena Williams was forced to withdraw. Let’S go right now to rothys ovaries up inside the championship, Matt sarafa, really stunning and hear what happened yeah. Exactly The Finnish. Obviously, people wanted to see tennis fans wanted to see, but it was pretty emotional none-the-less Michael I mean with Bianca 3 won in the first set during the changeover. Serena Williams call the medical timeout and it didn’t take long to see that something was wrong. She became he became emotional. She started crying and literally moments later she told the official. I just can’t do it add to withdraw and that’s when the emotion really kicked up a notch, because the nineteen-year-old Bianca and rescue walked over and consoled. The 23 time Grand Slam Champion gave her a hug said everything was going to be okay and make Austin. All That Emotion, Michael for a brief moment, was the fact that, yes, she made history the first Canadian to win this tournament in 50 years. Here’S what you said on the court afterwards over their tournaments in be injured. It’S not easy in this wasn’t the way I expected to win. The court ultracor turn the moon since 1969. This has been a dream, come true really, so we are obviously very aware of the history that she made today and you know what it was a withdraw, but in the end she is the Rogers Cup champion not been talking. All the fans hear Michael afterwards and the one sentiment they all seem to have is they feel bad for Serena Williams. Yes, she’s, one more tournament that you can’t even count, but this is not the way you want to turn them into and she was emotional. She talked to the crowd. Afterwards said she was sorry she can go on and you know what you had to feel for that whole emotional exchange between the two but, like I said, either way you look at it and rescue your Rogers Cup champion that he is a tennis writer for tennis, Canada doing this right now on the phone for Montreal, so Tom, thank you for joining us today. I want to begin first and foremost, your reaction, certainly not the ending people were expecting today, 15 bishop – and here she is all bandaged up. The last couple of games talked to us about the injuries that she sustained and about her fortitude as an athlete to be able to overcome all that play. Teen chat back problems by now on the way to the getting to the final and and came before all in the final set both times she can go from there to win so whatever, but at least it’s just the exception exception achieve sustain. Do you think Shelton? She knows can’t go over and consult her. It was a very poignant moment. Soon after that dramatic and to the mat. Let’S talk a bit about the historic 1969. How important is this for tennis and Canada call the best players in the world, women players, girl players and and Bianca’s just fascinating to watch how many young people are inspired by her play? You know, as we talk about Bianca, though of course the next, a big one is the US Open. How does this feta wrap going into New York you’re only playing at 8, we’ll have to wait and see whether she play Cincinnati next week with all the bandages. Everything might be prudent of her to skip that she has to be in fine shape now. So I think she goes into the US Open.
Bianca Andreescu, 19, has become the first Canadian woman to win the Rogers Cup in 50 years, after her opponent Serena Williams was forced to retire from the match early in the first set due to injury.

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