Big tech executives must hand over emails in antitrust probe

Big tech executives must hand over emails in antitrust probe
Big tech executives must hand over emails in antitrust probe
What’S me on the phone now Republican representative, Debbie lesko of the Judiciary Committee, told me thanks for joining us anti-competitive. This may be under the guise or auspices of antitrust, and then it’s a privacy issue. What part do you think it’s more prevalent, and can you argue to our audience, can you convince her audience looking for a problem that may not exist need to balance this? We don’t want to hurt Innovative businesses in the United States, but we also want to make sure that the small that there’s competition in so that’s why I, the Judiciary, Committee, to request documents just to see you know if, if there’s anything there there and then you Know we have to educate ourselves first and says I think that’s a good first step so do agree with Kevin McCarthy on the Privacy issue, and I think his concept that we customers should own our own data is a really good times up and there’s been. I also serve on the homeland security committee and we’ve also called in some of these folks, and they are there’s a totally different issues. So some of my Democratic colleagues are worried about braces urbanism, including me, are concerned about about their filtering out conservative, and so I think, there’s a lot of multitude of issues. But the Judiciary Committee is concentrating on antitrust issues. Are they allowing any type of competition and is there anything they’re there? And so this is, I think it’s a good first step, but let’s not go crazy privacy part FF. Americans are willing to give up their privacy for access to to Facebook and his other other things. Then should the government Force itself on to be the middleman, didn’t we just allow that that it’s that relationship to exist between the businesses and their cousins customers will really realize how much Google I mean. I have an Android phone. I think it’s greatly convenient. So many people use them, but how much information spring and then able to monetize off of that? I don’t think most people realize that, and so maybe we need to educate the public a little bit more on that mind. Well, I’m not you know, I don’t know yet. I think this is just the first step, trying, at least from the Judiciary Committee is try to find out more information and that’s what the request for documents as these are not subpoenas four documents, and so we’ll see where this leads us I mean I’m a free-market Person, I believe in supporting large businesses and small businesses, and we sure certainly don’t want to stifle innovation in our country. It has to be a balanced approach. Thank you very much. We appreciate it.
Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-AZ) weighs in on Congress’ big tech antitrust probe.

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