Big tech facing growing antitrust scrutiny

Big tech facing growing antitrust scrutiny
Big tech facing growing antitrust scrutiny
This is iPhone 11, when the show is as flashy as always pressure to change its ways. Competitors complain, it’s App Store, Savers, Apple content, and it’s not the only tech company to be scrutinized. Yesterday, 50 bipartisan US State, Attorneys General, took on Google over its search results and whether appoints people to his own products. When my daughter is – and I search online for advice or doctor’s, I want the best advice from the best doctors, not the ones at the doctor and not the clinic who can spend the most on Advertising pressure. Last week, US Federal lawmakers also launched an investigation into Facebook over how it handles users. Data in such a volatile environment, investors aren’t as Heights about tech stocks as they used to be over the past Apple Amazon and Netflix dogs are all down and the others are far off incredible games. They’Ve long been known for particularly in Netflix Apple, Facebook and Amazon. Insider selling, when prices are low, isn’t usual, it goes on sale at the supermarket. You know if it’s markdown you buy it. Unless you think will win. Is it on sale? Maybe it’s on sale for a reason. Maybe this Tech rally has approached the sale date and insiders are selling how.far Regulators go to rain in some of these companies left to run and grow unchecked for years. Jacqueline Hansen, CBC News, Toronto.
Apple is one of several tech giants being scrutinized for dominating the industry and leaving no room for competition. Jacqueline Hansen now on whether this could be a tipping point for big tech.

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