Billy Bragg: Suspending Parliament amid Brexit debate ‘undemocratic’

Billy Bragg: Suspending Parliament amid Brexit debate ‘undemocratic’
Billy Bragg: Suspending Parliament amid Brexit debate ‘undemocratic’
Top story this morning the ongoing backlash, the angry backlash to Boris Johnson’s, surprise, move yesterday to suspend the UK Parliament we’re seeing a growing online petition more than a million point for that petition, legal action as well in Scotland and Ireland. One of those challenges, as they said right now in Scotland, the court they’re being urged to try to stop the move, is unlawful on warranted and unconstitutional top cabinet ministers is calling the opposition, though confected candyfloss, outraged. So there’s lots of good lines together and Asbury has been known to be so in his opposition to brexit, well-known to Canadians a good connection with this country, singer-songwriter political activist, Billy Bragg in our studio in London. What a fantastic opportunity to speak to you! So much good morning, I really appreciate the time today I was mentioning what Mr rees-mogg was calling this: the opposition to call this sort of Vino, phony outrage and confection opposition. How do you characterize when Boris son is doing by proroguing Parliament five weeks ago with the European Union, then the deal that’s raising Michael? He wants to see the backstop the guaranteed Noah Border in an island to be removed because he said he’s playing in pierogi. Parliament he’s once again avoiding the issue because he knows as soon as he explains his plan. People will say how bad it is out bad, brexit, selfies and then to move to. and who we won’t be able to live. When was talking about opposition to this has come on social media. Obviously, hashtag stop the coup and online how to resist as a coup is undemocratic or would I think it is undemocratic? I really do think the whole slogan of the the brexit issue in the referendum campaign was Take Back Control to the UK. Parliament should be Paramount Country Inn here. I also want to stop at parliamentarians from The Bite in this issue is the biggest issue. We probably fight since the second world war here in the UK, and I need to talk about it because so much of what’s important about brexit is in the detail. It’S very unfortunate that the European elections recently, the majority of people off. If I wait to get out with no deal or to remind nobody really told about the new ones, and if anything is going to save us from leaving, you can unions, it’s the Nuance around a good Friday agreement. It’S the Nuance about the hours for., It’s the new one, so far, 40 years old, negotiate settlements, both economically and socially, with European Union nuances, absolutely important here and I’m afraid very few people have any reminders: relievers Johnson dead by announcing this provocation. But it looks well and truly underway within his constitutional authority, to do so so time spent to look at the new ones. That you’re saying doesn’t look like you’re going to have it. What, if it isn’t able to have anybody about no deal brexit, then we we? We will be in completely, we already new territory, but we will be constrained. Constitutional got no written Constitution and our country, the majority in Parliament. Really. I really really big problem, because the Constitution fundamentally is a set of rules by which we, the people consent to Calvin and because we don’t have a written Constitution everything’s down to solo procedure. When you got someone like Boris Johnson in there, who’d Whittier doesn’t care about procedures, smashing stuff up, it’s really hard to resist, but I think there is no majority among parliamentarians for No Deal so hopefully they’ll be. I come back together and antutu manifesting some way. He was kind of move and it sounds like Tuesday, and next week will be key in terms of debate and some form of parliamentary response you’ve been tweeting about. This is one of the ways in which you let your your messages in your thoughts be known. If I go back your most rear, your earliest Wheaton, this more proof that Johnson will go to any lengths to avoid debating his brexit plans, because to do so would merely highlight his vacuity. The last person to try to suspend Parlin was Charles, the first and we know what happened to him. What do you think the consequences will be for Boris Johnson at this? The leave voters will be very pleased we going to go down in flames, probably possibly even before the end of the month. You could end up being the shortest prime minister to Britain has ever had, because he many wise, no deal with inverted commas is an abstract idea. It doesn’t really matter where the woman is Bill know it’s the idea that the wall should be built, that galvanizes he’s support, and it’s the same with with Johnson it. You know nobody knows. What’S in the box marked no doing anyways, Pat, we not going to know until we’ve got it where we saliva, where we stayed so watch your sign. No Deal he’s putting down a marker that you know he’s this is: who he’s going to be going to be? Fine himself on whether or not he can cash out the European Union, but it’s 35. It’S going to be some Halloween. What are your concerns about consequences for your country? If there is no deal if there is a hard brexit in just a matter of weeks? Well, Heather: these are the most divisive years since the referendum documentary my lifetime and I leave food in mine – is striking them in the in the 1980s, which was pretty heavy. But this is going to go away with this if it was just a minority of mph trying to force him. But the fact is that the referendum Was Won by a tiny maturity and consequently the government doesn’t have a majority even in the House of Commons. So just save the width of the people did the winner of the people is not settled on this. I don’t believe it’s going to come down to. I think it’s going to come down to about what kind of country will want to live in heat does existential? Is that now brexit brexit? So I think what you did yesterday is Galvanized to love people. I think he’s woken everybody out to the reality that you just going to run this through and, as I said, the Loft light will try to do that. What you said, oh consequences, lyrics giving you some inspiration. Do we watch for some of the thoughts in the things that you’re putting to music right now find a way of reflecting the whole both sides of the argument? You know it’s very you know people who talk about brexit field at night anymore. I thought you was prime minister. I felt this wasn’t my country, so I had to have some sympathy for that feeling, but the thing that those issues – the issues around social housing issues around waiting list on the National Health Service issues about the need for more police can be resolved by leaving the Can Union that wrong? What we really need to do is to stop the process of the moment to sit down, trying to work out. Why people off Believers, what it was they really wanted when they will vote him, because my senses they were people who’ve, been ignored. For a long time – and I they would get something and it wouldn’t really really about Brussels. It was really about them feeling like had some agency over their lives, and I think that we need to embrace the that idea and I’m find a way to make sure that everybody’s voice is heard in this country. We have a system in which is winner-takes-all, so, if you don’t you know, you’ll probably doesn’t win you about. Guy was in the bean opportunity are in this constitutional crisis to Brinks reflection on our program this morning. I appreciate it greatly thanks.
British singer and activist Billy Bragg says that by proroguing Parliament, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is “once again avoiding the issue” of presenting a Brexit plan. He says debating the nuance and detail of a deal with the European Union is of highest importance as the deadline draws near.

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