Bishop Richard Malone of Buffalo defends his handling of sexual abuse crisis I Nightline

Bishop Richard Malone of Buffalo defends his handling of sexual abuse crisis I Nightline
Bishop Richard Malone of Buffalo defends his handling of sexual abuse crisis I Nightline
I told my wife I want to cry today. The moral authority of the Catholic church has been ravaged by too many stories like mac. Golden’S represent was an altar boy in Buffalo, back in the 90s he says, father Dennis Ryder started, asking him to stay late after Mass to help count the collection. You know counseling quarters, dimes TV mounting, get all the bigger monetary bills or checks that would come in that would be in the rectory, but that would go of want to play. Nintendo Super Mario Brother, specifically priest and the altar boy. He says playing video games back in the rectory that he would always turn the heat up on higher and then say hey. Would you want to get more comfortable and I’ll? Take you turn off before. I know what I don’t have any clothes on and he does have any clothes on to do touch you touch each other, both of us. So you know I would touch his genitalia. He would touch mine again and again and again, while over 20 times it happened over the course of three years before I finally said I’m not doing this anymore. Total war against the abuse of minors sang that the church needs to do a much better job of protecting kids from what he calls ravenous wolves TV interview. What he believes is a good-faith effort to address the sexual abuse Scandal, but some of these decisions have come under Fire included his decision to restore father Ryder to the ministry. Yesterday at st. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church in Dunkirk, father writer was celebrating first communions. Are you completely comfortable with that? I am because I have to rely upon to good people who are in place. Independent. A review board is independent by the rider denies the allegations and notes suspended him and put him back in the ministry earlier this year. Why play Charlie by the details in my weary brain seriously, personal assistant? That’S her there behind the throne. She says she was so disturbed by Malone’s handling of the sex abuse issue became morally allergic to her job. I was saying from the inside. There was a deplorable lack of transparency and I had to try to do what I could to bring the truth to light Bishops, internal files detailing clerical sex abuse allegations in Buffalo going back decades in a binder. The bishop kept in the closet of his office, along with the vacuum cleaner, technically wasn’t a vacuum closet, but all I can say is the greatest function of that space was to house the vacuum. I found that when I was doing summertime clean out with a very large binder negation and past litigation that there would have been provided to Bishop Malone when he first started as Bishop. This is extremely sensitive information enforcement particulate needed to have that information. Then I was worried that perhaps they would start to shred things once the stories came out after she left work. One day, we’d heard that she was having some doubts. He showed us the parking lot where he first approached her and says he could tell she was ready to talk almost like she was I’ve been watching him for months before I ever met him. He wasn’t letting up on this story, so I knew that if I was going to talk to some of the media, it will be Charlie. Charlie is a former altar boy himself. Today, Sheboygan says: that’s one reason she trusted him to take on the bishop. I just have never ever doubted that he was the right person to work with and that’s been a blessing, but I think a wonderful, trusting, working relationship with Shavon and was I shocked when she took that particular approach? Es is my recollection. There was never a time when she said Bishop. We need to sit down and really talk about this. Did you ever confront the bishop? I did twice and writing play Cape May to tell me not to worry about it. Wasn’T my concern that wasn’t my job? Don’T get involved and I’ve learned I’ve learned from it. Do you feel that you’ve been a good shepherd? I feel that in the almost 20 years I have been a bishop. I tried hard to be a good shepherd. I I kind of inherited a decades-old horrific problem of abuse. In all fairness, Buffalo is not alone. Does himself acknowledges that have to perish state after State there’s a reckoning underway by the release of the Pennsylvania, grand jury report covering up serious allegations of abuse, priests raping little boys and girls and the men of God who were responsible for them? Not only did nothing, they hit it all for decades. Report Buffalo was already that my staff who work on those things a new will for sure we’re corroborated, maybe even more evaluate over and over again we’re not finished with that list. At the point who’s, the priest did not include it didn’t include many priests who are deceased and then left out several priests with multiple accusations of sexual impropriety. Was this cover-up? No cover up a case that has come in has gone to Art. Awesome review board not on that list is what spurred shavonda betray her boss. Some of the new names were later added only after she and Charlie started. Calling attention to the problem was a lot worse than people. New is a city with deep Catholic Roots. Is no small thing in many communities, the cultural deference to the church is partly what enabled the ongoing abuse which is not to blame. The victim has a Pennsylvania, Attorney General put predators in every diocese, weaponized the Catholic faith and used it as a tool of their abuse. Matt golden says he was too afraid to tell his own Prince what he says. Father Ryder did to him, but he did back in 2007 of my parents anniversary as a matter of fact. Let’S agree to, I want so much to say something, but I won’t because it’s up to Matt. I know he will, but I’m like beets and might take some time she was actually shaking father. Dentist equals child molester destroyer of my nephew. Are there any that you know of still inactive Ministry who have been accused of abusing minors who have been abused or who have been well cases reminder in Ministry in this diocese? I can testify to that honestly. + 100 % face never came to me. This question should go to jail, checking on ABC News, YouTube channel if you’d like to get more videos, show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news Alerts thanks for watching

Malone has been embroiled in scandal ever since his former secretary leaked internal church documents to an investigative reporter.

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