BLT Salad | Mary Beth Albright’s Food Hacks

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BLT Salad | Mary Beth Albright’s Food Hacks
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it’s summertime it’s time for a BLT salad there are so many differences beautiful kinds of tomatoes right now it is time to celebrate so different colors text sizes flavors are so good I’m going to start but just making slices of a red tomato you can buy orange Tomatoes all different kind so so crazy I just happen to have a red tomato today choices of these with this salad presentation is everything so I have a nice long appetizer plate and I’m going to make nice uniform slices of these so here I picked out three different kinds leafy things I picked out some Radicchio with I love cuz it’s bitter some red lettuce and some Belgian on dive Endive some people call it it’s sort of like Floral Design you can’t do it wrong it’s a beautiful no matter what and so play with it have a good time with it and put whatever Tomatoes you think look good on the plate maybe you want to do one price of a red and then somebody’s beautiful long heirloom cherry tomatoes you don’t have these kind of cherry tomatoes in your grocery store that’s fine to just buy a couple of different red tomatoes and then use different lettuces and I just made a whole bunch of Mega who doesn’t love doing that makes the house smell amazing and you can just I will let around your salad at course if you a vegetarian gas don’t use bacon or if you people don’t use pork use chicken this is how you make a beautiful light summertime salad then I will just use a basic vinaigrette on top now this I’m using my mustard-jar vinaigrette which is one of my favorite food hash and haven’t seen that one look it up because it’s fantastic can either just drizzle it on yourself or of course people you don’t know how much dressing me like for they like to dip things into it so I like to do a little bit of dressing on the side so here it is my very simple very quick but very beautiful and elegant summer time BLTs perfect for me perfect or gas
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