Bob Stoops’ dad cursed at him when he said he wanted to transfer | Outside the Lines

Bob Stoops’ dad cursed at him when he said he wanted to transfer | Outside the Lines
Bob Stoops’ dad cursed at him when he said he wanted to transfer | Outside the Lines
We welcome Inn Bob Stoops coach great to have you with us coach. You left Oklahoma on your terms, you recorded by the NFL. At times we mentioned. Why did you decide to come back with the XFL number of reasons it would be? You know I wanted my own time and space when I stepped out and after a couple years, not being on the sidelines, also a couple other things: the leadership, I really believe in and Vince McMahon and Oliver Luck. Oliver are our commissioners and their vision for an exciting fun, fast-paced game and ball players, but still by the way, these days about the transfer portal – and one thing you mentioned in the book – was when he played at Iowa. You wanted to transfer what did your father? Your family say to you: well, I can’t say every word he chose, but when he check it out at least through the year – and I want to hear any more years – was around the coaches and football with Hayden fry and his staff, and I guarantee you know, I’M not this. This whole life in this whole coaching career doesn’t happen without sticking it out at Iowa and the players, and I think it’s something that really needs to be looked at.. I think in a lot of cases for us when it started Trevor Knight was here and he graduated his senior year had a chance to transfer when this all started the first year and Baker. Mayfield has beat them out, you know going into the season and and it’s all for him, it was just the right thing and that’s what you want me. That’S why you want this every year, one way or another. It’S it! It’S good! I I would caution. Everyone be careful, you know it’s, it’s not always the best situation, just leaving all the time. I don’t know that it’s always good for her for everybody, so it needs to really be looked at in study, something in the book. It talk about Joe Mixon, the running back, who was involved in an altercation. He meant you mentioned. I could have cut mix and loosen 2014 and 2019 Viet. That’S the only choice that would have been acceptable so as a GM of the XFL is the XFL real quick here. What do you do with a player? Who has that kind of circumstances? Background Joe got caught a lot of Spanish removed from the team and every and every aspect for the entire season and gave him a chance to recover from it and by all accounts he really has acceptable form. And then I get it., I understand a woman should never to be touched and the only way to go forward. Picking up the gray tree coach. Thank you. Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports, highlights and Analysis be sure to download the ESPN app and for live streaming. Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN +
Bob Stoops joins Ryan Smith to talk about returning to football with the Dallas Renegades of the XFL, his views of the transfer portal in the wake of Jalen Hurts excelling at his former program Oklahoma, and his thoughts on his handling of the Joe Mixon situation while with the Sooners.
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