Body found during search for teen ID’d as kidnapped 13-year-old

Body found during search for teen ID’d as kidnapped 13-year-old
Developing at this hour, the Urgent hunt now for a killer in North Carolina tonight link to a three-week mystery. The FBI, just today confirming a grim Discovery, identifying a body of a young girl kidnapped in front of her home while waiting to go to school tonight. There was an urgent search and ABC Steve osunsami, with what Authority said late today, North Carolina investigators, looking for a killer with heavy hearts tonight, they’re sharing that, after a three-week search, the body they found off this low Kelly Road is this 13 year old middle school Student, absolutely I wish we had a different outcome for hernias family Hanya Aguilar was kidnapped from the front yard of her home, while waiting to school on November 5th and police believe she was forced into the stolen SUV captured on security cameras driving away after the kidnapping. A witness reported seeing a man forcing the girl into the truck, dressed in all black and wearing a yellow bandana that cover Space Police found. The SUV abandoned three days later and found the girl’s body last night in a body of water about 7 miles from her home. We have to find out and we have to bring the person or persons possible to Justice. Police have been looking to speak with the grainy figure scene here near the girls home before she disappeared. But tonight they say: there’s no person of interest and share no information about a possible suspect and Silas and sound Stevie told us there’s a $ 30,000 reward. Now for any information, but police still have many unanswered questions water at her school system, they’re calling on grief counselors tonight for students, Anita average click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news Alerts thanks for watching
Three weeks ago, Hania Aguilar was taken from her front yard and forced into a stolen SUV, police said.



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