Boeing 737 Max grounding threatens US peak travel season

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Boeing 737 Max grounding threatens US peak travel season
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Boeing 737 Max grounding threatens US peak travel season
Boeing 737 Max grounding threatens US peak travel season
Okay: let’s take a look at the day’s top business news, starting with reports that the United States is softening of some of its demands as Washington and trade for Brian Quinn from our business is hair stylist in The Neverending Story, it seems Retreat from some of Washington’s Main objectives in the nearly year-long trade conflict coming after the demand Development Associate Erza now, reportedly focusing on more achievable demands, such as reducing the trade imbalance between the two Nations treasury secretary, Steve mnuchin, told CNBC Saturday. The two sides are nearing the final round of talks. Meanwhile, China’s gearing up for its it mean annual Automotive trade show out of Shanghai opens to the Press tomorrow in this year’s show, comes as the Auto industry in China is in a tight spot Car Sales. There declined for the 9th straight month in March 7 % for the quarter compared to last year, 2018 had already seen at 3 % falling sales assault and domestic economy and trade tension with the US have hit consumer confidence. One bright spot, though it’s electric vehicle sales of which rose 80 % in 2018 and a state-owned car producer says new tech will have to leave the way as the market matures forever and what’s more important. Bemis man is still hurting Imports, nek in Tokyo ending the day up nearly 1.4 % Chinese indexes mix at the end of the day, Hong Kong and Shanghai, on either side of the flat line around 14th of a percent here in Europe, markets opening mostly positive as A investors look ahead to a possible resolution of that trade conflict will next American Airlines Boeing 737 Max planes will stay, grounded until August 19th. Airline had previously only plan to keep the planes out of commission until June 5th is Boeing. Software fix for the anti-stall system suspected of the recent deadly crashes takes longer than expected. Does the travel season heats up there on bear sticker reports? Extending cancellations through the peak summer. American Airlines said it would keep its Fleet of Boeing 737 Max grounded until mid-august? Instead of the original June 5th deadline, the move will force the company to scrap around to 115 flights a day representing around 1.5 % of its total flying schedule. It came just days after 5 unions called on airlines to prioritize passenger safety with Boeing taking longer than expected to roll out a plan. Software fix for the 7th through 7th anti-stall system, as Pilots we’ve taken off her watches and we put the kettle bears in the drawer. We looking at getting this right. I understand there are various interest we have but one interest, and that is the passengers that I am responsible for on each and every flight American Airlines decision comes a week after low cost Carrier Southwest also announced it would keep its 737 grounded until August Southwest says. It’S already lost some 150 million dollars between February and March alone, due to Fourth cancellations, the Boeing 737 Max was grounded worldwide. In March, after 157, people died in an Ethiopian Airline crash. The second deadly incident involving the aircraft in 5 months carrier say it’s too soon to estimate the impact of cancellations be on the first quarter of 2019, but the timing of the latest announcement could scarcely have been worse for American Airlines as planes typically run fullest between June and August, I’m finally for business brexit uncertainty has been a recurring theme across a wide swath of European Industries. We can now add the eu’s official gift shop to that list. The visitor center at the European Parliament in Brussels is inventory troubles as a manufacturers are unsure whether or not they should include the UK on their European products with brexit now pushed back to either June or October, or who knows when really cabins on the pond puzzles? Brexit UK is a puzzle to me.
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US airlines face trouble meeting demand in the crucial summer travel season as their fleets of Boeing 737 Max jets stay grounded. And Washington is reportedly backing down from a key demand as it closes in on a trade deal with Beijing, and Brexit uncertainty hits the EU Parliament gift shop.

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