Bomani Jones on Antonio Brown: Who the hell brags about turning $30 million into $9 mil? | High Noon

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Bomani Jones on Antonio Brown: Who the hell brags about turning $30 million into $9 mil? | High Noon
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Bomani Jones on Antonio Brown: Who the hell brags about turning $30 million into $9 mil? | High Noon
Bomani Jones on Antonio Brown: Who the hell brags about turning $30 million into $9 mil? | High Noon
Antonio Brown, who should play for the Patriots this season for sure by the Raiders and now he’s guaranteed to play for the Patriots? Mister big chest, you think he’s doing all along no, not all along, and I know why it’s hard for people to see that you didn’t really know what was happening all along because we do live in a world where Talent is privileged and attention is monetize. So what a guy gets, what he was after knocking over the chessboard, we might be inclined to say he is really good at chess. That means he knew he was turning 30 guarantee and being dollars into 9 guaranteed million-dollar spell brags about that Drew Rosenhaus doing some. First class agency, Antonio Brown, actually ran this video by Jon Gruden, with the recording that we thought was illegal and Jon Gruden was like no, I love it. Put that thing out there who was trying to get released. That was a man that was just trying to be a Antonio Brown, and then it turned into drama. He did not know that this was going to end the way he did at least what’s have.. The thing that comes up is that he is deeply unreliable to a point that verges on questions about his psychology. So comparison for him is not even an athlete it’s Kanye West, someone who is a genius. It is filled someone who seems to be getting exactly what he wants, while making a mess of everything. And yes, she will be someone in our spot. Like someone, we still want to listen to and watch, but do you really think that that guy knows what he’s doing every step cuz? I absolutely do not. Even if you wanted to be a patriot from day one, I think he knows how to get people to look at him. But this idea that he wants to be a former Patriot told me he’s like it’s not a really fun place to play football, but you have chance to win every Sunday. How does this go for this guy, like? Are you confident that he’s going to finish the year, the Patriots cuz? I’M not? No? No! I am not, but what, if he just woke up and found himself in a maximum-security prison, because that’s the stuff, the freedom, the relationship, the idea that I’m not encumbered by my organization? That’S all the patriot who thinks that this is within his control that have about his behavior. You had, if you think this is calculating, you mean, have different definitions of the word, calculating exactly stay within the lines for them to keep. Him is, what did you say: Talent, Trump’s off iWatch, that team put a stamp on Randy Moss and not miss him even for a moment like it doesn’t work for them, then he’s going to wind up being out of there in that is entirely possible, also, possibly Get like a hundred catches and 1500 yards there’s no telling what is going to happen by the time that this is over. The only thing I feel like I can say, though, that reported Chris Mortensen has Antonio Brown talk to some social media consultants. I don’t feel like the timeline adds up with that. Like I mean like they did, you need to tell you the total fool and they won’t. What’S the tell you, like yeah, be completely terrifying to anybody who has to give you money, Antonio Brown, to if you’re willing to make a fool of yourself to get out then by gon na go ahead and get out to get to do it. But he did make a total fool of himself in the process. Thank you for watching ESPN, on YouTube for more sports highlights and Analysis be sure to download the ESPN app and for live streaming. Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN +
Bomani Jones and Pablo S. Torre discuss the fallout from the Antonio Brown situation, and whether the wide receiver won the figurative chess game by getting released by the Oakland Raiders and signing with the New England Patriots.

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