Bombshell reports raise new concerns about Rosenstein

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Bombshell reports raise new concerns about Rosenstein
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Bombshell reports raise new concerns about Rosenstein
Tony is now with more reaction, author of the number one New York Times: bestseller, the Russia hoax Fox News, legal analyst, Gregg Jarrett, also Fox News investigative reporter contributors, see you in the reporting and Greg has a column coming out tomorrow that you shared with me. What both of you and Catherine have all reported today is that you have McCabe and Yabba Lisa page essay Rod. Rosenstein said that he wanted surreptitiously record the president of the United States, and this would be a plot of Revenge if you will against the firing of James Comey when she recommended, which is ironic, they’re, saying it’s real Roses by the saying it’s not real. I was only saying it sarcastically, but we got two against one, but yet two people that are in the Deep State. What do you believe well? This is why we’ve got to come to the truth. Somebody is lying here, but look Shawn. We have the former general counsel for the FBI, James Baker. This is so important because James Baker delivered this testimony deliberately without any emotion he absolutely 100 % believed Andrew McCabe and Lisa Page. I think even more shocking is that there are two other people within the administration, apparently who were on board with Rod, Rosenstein’s and trying to invoke the 25th Amendment. You know saying that the present unfit for office, so there is something happening within the administration and Rod. Rosenstein has those answers Thursday is going to be very telling. Will he show up? Will he answer all these questions and who is actually investigate the investigators I keep saying this over and over again Sean if Rod Rosenstein is in charge of the special counsel, the Mueller investigation, who’s in charge of Rod Rosenstein? He is in the middle of all of this. He signed the fights of the final fight, the word on Carter page. He actually wrote the letter to. Basically you know to give the president, so that Comey would be fired. He laid it all out. This guy is in the middle of everything, and somebody needs to find out the truth, because he’s still, you know the deputy Attorney General United States, John Solomon and and by the way, to answer Sara’s question who’s investigating the investigators from the beginning York Times bestseller. But this sounds like a soft coup Revenge taken out on the president. You have to people that that both recorded the very same thing here, John about what Rod Rosenstein said at the time: that’s McKay, but he’s under criminal investigation and Paige friends with straw. That thinks it’ll Hillary should win a hundred million to 0 Hi friend of mine and here’s what he said after reading the article the last couple weeks, starting to think the FBI needs to Rebrand itself instead of Federal Bureau of Investigation. Maybe we should call ourselves the federal bureau politics cuz somewhere there was a lot more going on than investigating. You really need to say this. This is only the top echelon professional intelligence work, the other team doing collusion a total disaster, but, let’s think about James Baker. For just a second for things he revealed he used the Democratic party’s lawyer as a source. The FBI tried to hide it and claiming it was information on the house intelligence report to use the journalist as a source, David Corn, to get a version of the dossier. After steel was fired and he was present for a conversation we’re at least the FBI, people were serious about removing the president recording on the 25th Amendment. All four of those things are politics. None of them involve legitimate investigation. Every piece of this goes back to Hilary. They exonerated without investigating and save cuz. It was a Slam, Dunk Dunk Justice case. It all comes back to her phony Russian paid for dossier before the election. They lied to the American people after the election. They used it to bludgeoned Donald Trump and use immediately strategy to help set up an atmosphere where special counsel could be appointed and still even Lisa, page 9 months 0 evidence by the time we got to May of 2017 first paragraph for audience here when you was A possible Rod Rosenstein is still in charge of those special counsel investigation and in Trump Russia collusion again. No evidence Trump may have given him a pass referring to the meeting for now, but Americans should not, and neither should the Attorney General Jeff sessions and seems perpetually missing in action in Clueless, which I sadly can’t disagree with it. And I always like to rub: compromised only has disqualifying conflicts of interest because he’s a key pivotal witness in the case violation of federal regulations, an act of Vengeance for the firing of Comey, he’s trying to secretly record the president, United States and depose him in the Equivalent of a Polish coup dishes egregious misconduct, his termination, at the very least, the removal from the special counsel case classification suppressing his warrant. Do you agree with the characterization, because I agree with Greg i’m. I believe this was an attempt literally set a president up for a soft Co, 100 % Sean. There is overwhelming evidence, not just circumstantial anymore. We’Ve seen it in writing a white silent I’ve been to America. How dangerous is it to the administration and it needs to be investigated, special counsel or someone else to remove Trump? It’S misleading of the fisa Court, caponera Catherine, the right question. Someone has to answer that question. If it’s? Yes, he doesn’t belong that good. I listen to. I think you got to wait to all the facts come out. We haven’t heard from Rod Rosenstein himself. It’S one thing for a spokesperson to put out a statement. He’S got to put his word on it, and then we have to hear what he has to say about it and Sara need. It need to be investigated.
FBI’s former top lawyer tells Congress that top officials were serious about secretly recording Trump; panel weighs in on ‘Hannity.’

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