Bongino: Manfort ‘guilty’ of helping Trump win

former secret service agent and her ATV contributor author the brand new book Spygate the attempted sabotage of Donald J Trump Dan bongino join us now but in a country in which a year and 3 months is the average sentence for tax evasion to see man facing 305 years races red flags to put him out of Lee Tucker this case is a disgrace I don’t know I don’t know what he’s guilty or not guilty of but I am familiar with Federal investigations in the tactics used and I can tell you with a clean conscience I conscious I have never ever seen heavy-handed government tactics like this year for what is essentially a process crime and basically a white collar crime for a guy with no criminal pedigree at all to speak of this is unheard of the beginning of the show Justice is supposed to be even-handed it’s supposed to be blind to Tucker but it appears to be blind only two Democrats Paul manafort his guilty of something he’s guilty of helping Donald Trump win and that’s what’s bothering the Mueller probe of criminal punishment is to render Justice you do something to portion it appropriate to send the statement except this kind of behavior didn’t even explain how he defrauded the banks did the bass lose money I don’t think they did they didn’t explain how much he should have paid in federal taxes but didn’t and I don’t think there’s a single person in America physical threat Fred from 69 year old thought power Paul manafort was such a threat to the Republic why didn’t they wore in the Trump team Barack Obama was a president United States Nothing party why didn’t they dangerous threat I have the full force of the government weaponized against him why didn’t they warn them the answers because they didn’t believe that I told you activity Mueller’s accuse Mana for them ironically enough Democrats accused of the same thing or people connected to Democrats seem to have gotten up to this point a relatively free legal pass even as as a matter of four appearances would you if you were Robert Mueller appoint as the lead prosecutor in a case against Donald Trump’s former campaign manager a Hillary partisan who went to her Victory party on election they’re not even hiding it can I double down on it Sears in the case represent in the Clinton Foundation Aaron zebley Tucker another prosecutor in the Casey who’s friendly with the whole Mueller crew represented think one of the Clinton guys involved in the destruction of the blackberries as a law this is this is really happening right now by the way other ones are the Democratic and that you would think a guy with Bob Muller’s level of intelligence you would think you would be smart enough to pick this out and pick lawyers for some reason they don’t seem to care or they’re totally lacking self-awareness almost everybody in that world is lacking self-awareness because you don’t know anyone who disagrees with them always fits
Former Secret Service agent and NRA TV contributor on the Paul Manafort tax fraud trial and its allegedly political, heavy-handed prosecution. #Tucker

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