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most dangerous thing that we have seen president Trump do publicly is threaten and taunt North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong on and that of course was before the present than Embrace that very same dictator and started saying more praise things about him than he has ever said about America’s strongest allies but during that dangerous. When it seems that Donald Trump was creeping toward war with North Korea we always knew that it wasn’t going to happen tomorrow or that week or the next weak because one necessary prerequisite to any American military action on the Korean Peninsula would be to remove all of the families of American military personnel in South Korea that’s about 28,000 people some experts told me that that take weeks to evacuate those people and it would be impossible to do it secretly so as long as we weren’t evacuating anyone can join new there was no immediate threat of War but in Bob Woodward’s new book fear we discover that we might have just been one tweet away from a war with North Korea the book says that in January of this year president Trump wrote tweets declaring that he would have acuate all family members of US troops from self woodwright’s the possible tweets scared the Daylights out of the Pentagon leadership Madison and Dunford a declaration of intent to do so from the US Commander in Chief on Twitter was almost Unthinkable the North Koreans made it clear they would consider that a sign that the United States Was preparing for war and then what would North Korea do just sit there and wait to be struck luckily for the world is Bob Woodward reports that we was never sent people to work for him are worried that he will sign things or give orders that threaten the national security or Social Security in the country or the world the new podcast future state which launch today featuring his first guest President Bill Clinton thank you both for joining us Richard Clark I want to get your reaction to that report and Bob Woodward’s book about the tweet that wasn’t sent the tweet that would have said A2 North Korea the present is preparing to strike and no one to edit his tweets once wrote a threatening letter to the leaders of Aaron but before it was sent before the president signed it scores of experts poured over it and rewrote it so you have the rich of him doing something with no one can stop them and it being misunderstood and causing a financial crisis of stock manipulation or causing military scare weights that other people got to see before it went out but we certainly have plenty of indications that there are many many tweets that go out that no one ever gets to see before they go out and so luckily the people who saw this tweet managed to event the president from sending this tweet about evacuating the families of military personnel in North Korea of the country under President Trump I think president Trump now is smarting about the about the fact that there are no there’s an op-ed written about him and books a stream of books and there will be more cataloging all the in which his own staff I think of him as a fool and end is dangerous and stand in the way of him doing what he wants to do and I think at a certain point he’s going to say and he already has but increasingly well why do I want these guys and I should get rid of them and maybe have people on my staff were willing to do what I want to do and and that’s where I get concerned especially with regard to General Mattis who I think does the country of tremendous service in his capacity as our defense secretary but now we see reports that the president is considering removing him especially after Bob Woodward 5th grader on about the Korean Peninsula and other issues perhaps General Mattis isn’t going to be there be around too much longer and and and that’s concerning to it’s not so clear to us not people want Professionals in the intelligence Community I’d like to hit your reaction to it he said seriously enough and I and things and does jeopardize Security in the until World which are so important to protect the country they are astonishing there is secret they are called special access programs and he jeopardises them Cory’s no more about that intelligence Community then but booger does what was your interpretation of what he was talking about there particular thanks special access programs are things above-top-secret they are activities that go on in the world that I restricted to a very small handful of people which of those activities they usually collection activities and they’re extremely sensitive which means knowledge of them would mean that they would end if they were exposed and they are usually ways that we collected very Vital Information Boston about foreign leadership let me just stopped at that I don’t think the intelligence Community about them they may be telling him some of the results not telling him how we collect it because who knows what he would say to the Russians who knows what he would say to the Press he doesn’t know what not to say and when not to say it he is a wealth of information that he doesn’t get and ever and you can see just in the way but we were talking about it he was doing it with as much care is Richard Clark there knowing how sensitive this arena is it it’s just it’s hard to conceive Donald Trump being around information like that that’s right Richard may be right about information that at this point isn’t getting to the president of witches is truly sad because we need a leader who has this kind of information and who can use to make wise decisions we need that for our own security but the reality is there are certain things that the intelligence community that the Central Intelligence Agency for example just simply can’t do without the president’s signature and so then the question becomes okay are those things happening or they not happening under President Trump’s leadership I think many of them are happening which means the president knows about them those are things that are are are done in a secretive manner to achieve our interest to protect our security said if they were known could put people’s lives at risk for could put our security arrest could trigger greater greater problems and so so yes and we have to be concerned about the president’s access-to-information but what I’m more concerned about is what he will do with his power will he maybe the power to thumb a 180 character tweet that that triggers conflict or the preparations for conflict it may be that he authorizes a military action that has been executed that was ill-informed and unwise that triggers a broader conflict that’s what I’m more worried about Evan McMullin thank you very much for joining us Richard Clark thank you for joining us congrats on the new podcast can podcast called future State YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on the button below for more from the last word in the rest of MSNBC
In January, Pres. Trump was one tweet away from causing a conflict with N. Korea. Bob Woodward reveals in his new book that Trump wanted to pull families of US troops out of S. Korea, which would signal war to N. Korea. Richard Clarke and Evan McMullin join Lawrence to discuss.
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Book Reveals New Dangers President Donald Trump Poses To Security | The Last Word | MSNBC

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