Border wall talks stall, Dems look to limit ICE resources

Border wall talks stall, Dems look to limit ICE resources
Congressman Mark Walker, Vice chairman of the house Republican conference, remember the homeland security committee, sir. How are you and welcome back to your to America’s Newsroom, you just listening the reporting. What do you want to add on that, sir? Well, if it couldn’t be more perfect, I just finished being with 50 different Sheriff’s, who actually got the call last night. They brought these letters here specifically talking about the detention bad problem, the 16500, if that is reduce according to their numbers, 72 % of detention held he’s here. Other than population is subject to mandatory crimes. Because of this having certain convictions or having committed certain acts, they have a huge problem with that. These were shares for Massachusetts. The Border Sheriff’s really compelling me to be able to come out and talk about something is happening in real time. They came from all parts of the country they’re here today to protect these letters to this committee to make sure that we do not reduce these attention bed. Do you believe crafts want to do that for me to judge motive? I don’t know if this is another posturing move, but I believe this is this is crucial. The fact that that you’re wanting to release people who committed violent crimes – I don’t know that I can sit here and tell you that they’re at their motive is evil. But I will tell you this: it’s really doesn’t make sense not just to up for the partisan perspective, but the people across this country me. The stories are heard this morning. This is definitely a non-starter. That’S part of this 17 alone: rescue 906 children who are being exploited. These people are law enforcement. They were arm-in-arm with their local sheriff’s throughout the country that this has become a political talking point and the reason that members of Congress and others are so frustrated is because we have human lives at stake. Gavin Newsom Democratic governor California suggests that he will pull 400 National Guard troops out the southern border and his State. I think New Mexico did that not too long ago. What do you think of that? Well, maybe that’s proof that the border wall in San Diego is actually working. I I hope it’s not just from a political posturing standpoint. We need not only men and women, their armed agents, but we also need to make sure that we continue to expand the technological. I can’t speak to specifically for why he’s doing that. My first impact is it it’s a it’s another, it’s another move that makes it look like. The border is not as dangerous as it in reality, as I’ve heard from the sheriff that it actually is 4memphis intimacy. They move the ball forward atmosphere. I think it’s bad for the American people. I hope we don’t have to go there, but I think the president use the term. This is crazy. I I couldn’t agree more with the president. This is absolutely crazy. We have to keep that on the table to hopefully find kind of results that benefits the American people. The best sounds like they want to negotiate on the beds right, you put a number down and see how much you’re willing to match them. Sure you lost in North Carolina politics, eastern North Carolina. Remember him well as part of our North Carolina delegation. I remember him as an honest man. It sounds simple, but I will tell you in Washington DC. Sometimes that comes in rare commodity winsome. I will look you in the eye, no matter really what you think about it and tell you what he thinks is best for the constituents, the North Carolinians that he represented. That was his reputation. It was his father’s reputation. They almost serve back-to-back from 1966. I believe so so, both father and son, and he dedicated his life to public service. We have great fondness for him, but he will go down in this house with the legacy of someone who was willing to tell the truth in hospice on his 76. Thank you, sir Mark Walker from North Carolina’s. Thank you for your time.
This is a non-starter for Republicans, says Rep. Mark Walker, Republican member of the House Homeland Security Committee. #FoxNews

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