Boris Johnson threatens election ahead of latest Brexit battle

Boris Johnson threatens election ahead of latest Brexit battle
Boris Johnson threatens election ahead of latest Brexit battle
British prime minister, Boris Johnson, is once again urging his MPC to make sure brexit happens on schedule. Johnson reiterated his comments to brexit happen on October 31st, Deal or No Deal. He spoke earlier this hour and says: NPS need to send a strong message to the European Union, cancel the referendum tomorrow and peas with Jeremy corbyn forget another pointless DeLand, but if they do, they will plainly Chalkville Exile, Commander UK position and make any further negotiation absolutely Impossible – and so I say to show off friends in bra the we are united in our purpose and peace treaty with the government against Colvin pointless delay. Brussels today we’re leaving on the 31st of October know if robots ability today lawmakers returned to Parliament this week, where opposition leaders will challenge Johnson’s goal to have the UK leave the EU whether or not a deal has been reached by October 31st. So we’re going to go to Dominick’s, I guess he joins us from our from London. So Dominic first off tell us what Johnson was saying there. What else did he have to say the general election announcement of the general election, maybe in the pipeline, in the forthcoming Queen’s speech? So I feel personally, he would, at the very least that float the idea of a general election, but he didn’t instead, that the UK is leading the European Union on the 31st of October. That no circumstances in his was that the UK would not be leaving then, and it Plans by MPS to introduce legislation tomorrow to take no deal brexit off the table, describe it as being risky. He talked about Jeremy corbyn that he’s the leader of the opposition party. His pointless delay tactics in his words ending with the European Union message. Other we took away from this. What was the short statement outside Downing Street was: let’s get brexit done by October 31st. No, it’s no buts. He said you don’t want an election. She’S really feel full and peas tomorrow not support this legislation, which is expected to be unveiled. I can get a No Deal brexit off the table to get this, isn’t the idea that Britain leaving the European Union without Dominick thanks for the latest in London,
British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is urging his MPs to make sure Brexit happens on time, with or without a deal. That promise has propelled the United Kingdom toward a constitutional crisis that could lead to an election.

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