Boris Johnson will be U.K.’s next prime minister

Boris Johnson will be U.K.’s next prime minister
Boris Johnson will be U.K.’s next prime minister
Boris Johnson will be Britain’s next prime minister. He won the race to succeed, Theresa May is conservative party leader and he will take office as p.m. to-morrow. The announcement of Johnson’s victory in a mail-in election of almost a hundred thousand Tory party faithful, was made last hour. Boris Johnson 90 2153 and therefore I give notice the Bart Simpson is elected as the leader of the conservative. Immediately following this announcement, Johnson K, victory speech. Here’S a little of what he had to say. I want a lot of work. There is to do our Cameron. Mackintosh is outside the venue where this result was and now can walk us through how this latest political drama unfolded. So you know, there’s the drama within the conservative party that you can say that was within the building today and the drama out here. A lot of people came down here to be close to this. Many of them were not very happy about that Focus. We saw demonstrations demanding that they’re being election. Now they don’t like the notion that the conservative party is basically appointing a prime minister by a mail-in ballot, also people on both sides of the brexit issue. We saw the Romaine side people. They also want an election. These people do not trust Johnson and they are very scared of his statements that he will take the UK out of the EU on October 31st. Come What May and then leave people very happy to see the polarizing figure they are happy to have. Finally, what they call a brexit prime minister himself. I think he recognized some of these issues in his speech today. His speech was short, but it was somewhat conciliatory. He picture of the threesome and her supporters and away and also reached out to Jeremy Hunt, but in a very Boris Johnson Style. He spoke about creating a new energy in this country to bring brexit forward and to unite the country., how to say and defeat energize dude once again going to believe in ourselves and what we could have some slumbering giant by something off the guy rapes and negativity. So you heard it from Maurice Johnson, the dude himself dude has his guiding Mantra going forward, and you know that’s why he won this vote today. Amongst the conservative Faith, all those that support brexit, they see him as the man best prepared to bring them a deal or not at least see brexit through to an end when a deal October 31st or not to travel. Is that a lot to do between now and October 31st? People can’t think this is going to be easy for him. Uk politics right now. This will not be easy for Boris Johnson within his own party senior cabinet ministers were resigning yesterday, one resigned today to more say: they’re going to resign before Theresa May steps down, as the prime minister in a way he’s going to have some high-profile backbench opposition within His own party, not to mention Jeremy corbyn, not to mention the public in general support for the is around 25 % right now. Support for brexit is much higher, but brexit means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Many people here came today. Just to protest the notion that this is still going forward, one protestor had to say outside today because he was supposed to be leaving. They have no way of getting a deal done by then channel do out with a no deal. So I’m November 1st, he left the fold only sold and not surprisingly, right after the Boris Johnson announcement, Labour leader, Jeremy corbyn, the opposition leader tweeted out, demanding that there be an we’re hearing that from a lot of people on the street right now and not to Mention also the Boris Johnson has work to do within the greater parley. Keep in mind that the conservative government here is a minority government. It’S been propped up by another party Forest Johnson, some discussions to have with them as well. Thank you from London for us today and just about 20 minutes, I’m going to speak with someone who’s going to help us unpack. Just what’s next for the United Kingdom and 1/2 August new prime minister, Boris Johnson and power to steer Britain out of the European Union. What does it mean for Canada? Was it mean for trade negotiations between our two countries for morons Ottawa Janice? Where do bilateral trade talks stand between Canada and the UK Trade Agreement might look like between the two countries, I’m told it was pretty brutal. The British negotiators, very inexperienced, sharp contrast to the Canadians veterans now the number of bruising rounds with the Americans and the Europeans, the British I’m told, were very overwhelmed with Cisco. This task in front of them trying to roll over some 40 different trade agreements, including the one with Canada, and they were really lacking, I’m too old essence of what was realistic for a trade partner like Canada to agree to under the current circumstances. Nevertheless, I’m told that a deal some more or less can it continue the existing trade Arrangements between Canada and the European Union. As far as Britain was concerned, with reached over a year ago and official in Ottawa tells me., we went to cabinet for approval, subject to the UK being able to agree on a withdrawal agreement with the European South course. We know that did not happen and in the midst of all the chaos around that last March, Canadian trade negotiator Emily read in the papers that the UK was going to unilaterally lower about 87 % of its tariffs. Not only to countries like Canada that had a trade deal with the European Union previously, but to every country the worlds they were expecting, Canada to just let all its concession stand. Even though the relative value of Canada’s trade deal now was going to be a lot less in at that point, Canadian negotiator said luck, won’t stop the bus stand. The British media have reported that there was some anger towards Canada and not giving them a political win on this, but I’m told in fact it wasn’t really a row. There was disappointment and frustration, but in reality the British Migos bitters understood that their politicians had really taken away most of the bargaining leverage they could have had on this. So what do you think Janice? What are you hearing is that we should expect trade Minister under Theresa May Liam Fox. He was not an ally of Boris Johnson during this leadership raise. So I think, in the coming days, we need to watch to see if we’re going to have a new trade minister in charge of this file. And if we do, will there be a change in approach decision from last March stand or are they going to change their mind again? There could be another twist in this Saga, I’m too old to Canada’s top trade policy. Official Steve Brule likely heading back to London in the coming days to meet with the new leadership, take a field where they might be going. This fall because, of course, October 31st is coming up very quickly if they do crash out without a deal. I think it’s fair to say that that is going to be harder on British businesses. Then it will be under on Canadian businesses and not you know, may be a cause for some comfort, but there will be some negative impacts in the short-term, particularly for Canadian businesses who have been taking advantage of the labor Mobility terms. And can it is existing deal with the European Union that will be lost, perhaps if they can’t something out but looks, there’s been so much chaos so much drama in this? I don’t think anything’s over. Yet Canadians tell me they are still talking. So I guess we’ll see where Boris Johnson wants to take this Donald Trump with quick to take to Twitter in the wake of Boris Johnson’s win today. His message was brief: the u.s. president posted congratulations to Boris Johnson on becoming the new prime minister of the United Kingdom. He will be great. He faces the top half of Rex’s looming deadline October 31st. He says he leaves the EU with or without a deal. Simon usherwood is the deputy director of the UK in a changing Europe. A synced Kenny joined us now from Guildford England. Thank you for being with us today set a lot of things during this Leadership Camp outside deadline supplying that he can take to the EU to get a renegotiation off that deal person with a warm sense of success and determination. In his statement, Shania says an estate at a call on this weekend: newspaper column, that you know we put a man on the moon, the arrangements, a different kind of thing., So I think who is incredibly divided party. He was conciliatory and his acceptance speech. How likely do you think it is that he is going to be able to conserve, pull the conservative party list of parliament together as a real problem that I think a lot of people? Don’T trust him for exactly the reasons we just talked about that he he’s been dying to change his mind. Change policies in the past year play what he thinks he’s going to have him bass rosin what might be a principal position, so what we should be looking out for it in the next day or two is what would cause Johnson’s prime minister, on whether that means That he loses you’re ready, very small. Mad River City has the majority of Fool In The House of Commons. If you lose his bass, then it is anyone’s guess song. How likely do you think it is that he could face a no-confidence vote that he will not work with Boris Johnson’s, prime minister, so you see a lot of these things coming it’s already tomorrow, as soon as he crosses the threshold of number ten. The first thing is that MPS don’t get to go on holiday on Thursday evening like they planned, which I’m sure will make him very happy. But the second thing is, you have a two-week period in which somebody can try and put together a new majority in UK Coalition that could be Boris Johnson himself. It could be a different leader, it’s it’s not clear, but if you haven’t got anyone who can you vote and that means the summer we spent fighting a contest between the weeknd’s conservative party of divided conservative policy, but also very weak and divided. None of the posses look his eyes are in a very strong position. Are we have the liberal Democrats in the sense that we have the hard brexit brexit party in the CC given Swampy’s in that contest, probably producing no one having a majority, and then we have a whole new round of competition discussions which might lead into uncertainty for Britain’S economy in this time, when its facing breakfast I mean that can’t be good for anyone in terms of business. It’S happening. We’re all prepared for the UK, leaving at the end of March, which was the original plan. We’Ve had these extension, so perhaps choices will be made. Perhaps we’ll have to have another extension. Sorry for them has is the pretty much since 2015. When is general election unexpectedly and started this whole process of a referendum? So it’s not just the last 6 months hanging around so to the British economy, starting to see that the wheels get a bit wobbly on that, and that’s not a good look. Is the deputy director of the UK in a changing Europe?
Boris Johnson beat rival Jeremy Hunt for the Conservative leadership and will succeed Theresa May as the next U.K. prime minister. The former mayor of London has promised to lead the United Kingdom out of the European Union with or without a deal by Halloween.

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