Boys leam as they race through hallways in walkers | Humankind

Boys leam as they race through hallways in walkers | Humankind
Boys leam as they race through hallways in walkers | Humankind
He’S been excited for his road trip to New York, City and tomatoes, new Buddies. He could sing so many Buddies people being able to just meet and greet and hug each other for the first time in some cases is just a real feeling of community and sense of mission, because it is a degenerative condition. All this have a sense of urgency that everyday matters within this, and so we are just very unified as a scientific and medical community, the family, to be able to come up with answers fast. We are just so lucky to have real hun. You know because he is one of the most joyful and special kids and just want to know people everyone to know that you know anyone that has a special need. You know they’re just like anyone else. Really they have the same, wants and needs and likes and dislikes and bad Days. Inn today is that kind of hopefulness turned into kind of more of a determination and a focus rather than you know, which one Andy rather than shying away from kind of lakes. What’S happening, I think you know, Nate Knight has really just decided that you know we’re going to do everything that we can do to help Rohan, and you know everything that we can do to be a part of community and I’m really not give up. Until you know, we see treatment, and you know a good future for them. Just have to keep living the life that you’ve been given and you’ll. Be great are the things that you do have and just really at the end of the day, we are just so grateful for real hun
These moms and dads have spent years tirelessly fighting for their kids to have this moment.
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These moms and dads have spent years going back and forth with each other over email and messages, trying to find a treatment for their kids with the rare neurological disorder called KIF1A. All their tireless work has led to this moment.

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