Brazen fishnappers caught strolling off with shark

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Brazen fishnappers caught strolling off with shark
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now to that Brazen shark napping caught on camera 3 people accused of taking a horn shark from a tank in Houston and putting it in a baby stroller then driving away with it before authorities could find them and bring miss Helen name back home ABCs Lucy Davis is here with this bizarre story Lindsey we figure this even brought a net and baby carrots to steal miss Helen from the exhibit which encourages feeding and touching not taking the sea life you’ve likely heard of Sharknado that’s just what happened to miss Helen a year old horn shark at the San Antonio Aquarium Playster in a bucket then cut the bucket into the stroller thieves and casually will miss Helen out within hours is stolen shark was allegedly put up for sale on Facebook police then located a recovered pickup truck from one of the suspects and tracked it down home which featured a huge aquarium at the aquarium as miss Helen returned home I’m Overjoyed please stay inside the garage one of the suspects homes they found an extensive collection of marine life that they say looks like a mock-up of the San Antonio aquarium one man has been charged with theft into people who are with Him have charged pending as Helen is said to be doing well still in quarantine for the moment until she gets acclimated being back at Home Depot they believed that this was trying somebody trying to make this part of their home Aquarium click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching
A horn shark named Miss Helen was seen on surveillance camera being taken out of an aquarium tank and wheeled away by three thieves.

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