Brazil presidential election: new poll shows rising support for Bolsonaro

Brazil presidential election: new poll shows rising support for Bolsonaro
It’S a campaign, stop that’s, become a ritual once-a-week, Fernando Haddad heads to prison to visit Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva, the former president, finally passed the Baton to her. Last month was born from running for a third term. I’M going to be serving time for corruption. Lula is still omnipresent. On Monday, he published call for voters to save the nation from far-right rival, jair bolsonaro, a fight shared by the new Workers Party candidate. We say not him because he doesn’t respect diversity, he doesn’t respect women, he doesn’t respect black people in Brazil. Is made up of 52 % blacks and 52 % women is doing well on Sunday the far-right candidate rally 2007 Paulo Brazil polls, say he’s the FrontRunner in the first round and is neck-and-neck with candidate Haddad in the 2nd it’s been a spectacular rise Congressman the door. My fans or see him as an outsider, but both not always equally reviled, for his far-right rhetoric. Last month he was found in an attempted assassination and his only just left Hospital. The campaign has not been any one for the Workers. Party either. Was handed the kennel to see less than a month ago, and Brazil’s anti-corruption judge, Sergio Moro, has just announced statements made by one of Lula’s former ministers to become public Antonio Pelosi, fully aware of the petrobras corruption scheme before the Scandal broke and before it Upturned Brazilian politics,
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