‘Brazilian butt lift’ warnings after deaths – BBC News

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‘Brazilian butt lift’ warnings after deaths – BBC News
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‘Brazilian butt lift’ warnings after deaths – BBC News
Bum bum bum: this is the Kim Kardashian look of a raised park around bum as a BBL her, but according to the British Association of aesthetic plastic surgeons, Brazilian formula surgery has the highest death rate: the can travel to the heart or brain across the bitterness. In August 29, year old, near Cambridge tonight also having a BBL procedure in turkey, and all this program has also learned of one other fatality of a it, was on the phone BBL surgery abroad at a different Clinic. An inquest is due to be held within the next year. Kids did decide to go turkey because one because it was a lot cheaper and to you see a lot of the celebrity famous girls go into marriage attack you to get surgery done and they’ll coming back and never find it. So I was like more comfortable with it anesthetic she wants to remain anonymous by the face of legal action from the clinic few days after I woke up with really high fevers didn’t tell any of the nurses. I just wanted to go home and just get to the UK boxes to have a look NHS doctor and eventually ended up in a n a. Lister infection was as a result of his surgery, admitted to hospital for 5 days and then drop on IV antibiotics. Luckily, one of them work for me for the first few days nothing was working, my infection will getting worse and worse and worse – and I know other girls were there and didn’t even work for them, so that end up really bad infection wounds all over the buttocks Area and the size and everywhere this woman says she still have pain from that surgery. My gosh, between 3 and 5000, pounds to BBL surgery board to get a look like has the? What exactly is Brazilian butt lift surgery of apps from areas that a woman might not want to have the fat so around the tummy, the flanks, the size and this fat is be injected into the bus truck. One of the concerns is that when the fat is injected into a danger area, for example, into the muscle or deeper is considered dangerous, because the gluteus maximus all the butt muscles almost in the body. So the vessels are really big and the veins already big. And if the fat is injected into the vein, it can go into the circulation through the heart and it’s the lungs and cause a fat embolus, which is the Bishop’s at that gets launched either in the heart or in the lungs, and that can cause death for Anyone wanting a procedure – the British Association of aesthetic plastic surgeons, have a code of practice. We like to see our patients at least twice face-to-face, to be able to assess both physically and mentally, but also there has to be a cooling off period between the first and the second consultations, because it does take time for someone to realize what the possible risks And to weigh that against the benefits that they feel they would post proceed leak from various holes on her bum cheeks. She told this program: she’s paid a stupid amount of money to look like this could turn back the clock, but not all social media Stars. If a BBL surgery changed my mind at the last minute and explain why I live in a generation where classic bodies are glorified and liking it, having at the Coca-Cola body-shaping like to see little bitty waist and let the big momma’s like everyday. When I went on Instagram and I looked at these Instagram models in their forties and then I’m supposed to get Instagram and my booty fell into the difference, and that made me just want to like change. It would just to be able to fit in and to be the $ 8 used to be so make sense. I won’t be that won’t. Let us on it said one really interesting thing in your video bundle of Instagram models that have millions and millions of followers and Facebook I have to go to myself. I can stay the same as to be beautiful. Cuz sometimes doesn’t realize how much I actually have so it’s like now. It’S goes a lot say she still embracing us off. Why can’t I invite myself so is that in person you really set with into me and I’ll just like it? Really, it really doesn’t need to be done.
A second British woman has died from “Brazilian butt lift” surgery, this programme has learned, as fresh warnings come over the risks.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps) said it was the most dangerous cosmetic procedure to undergo.

Many women decide to have the procedure abroad where it is cheaper, as Chi Chi Izundu reports.

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