Breaking down Parkinson’s disease

each year more and more Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease according to the Parkinson’s Foundation there are about 1 million Americans living with the illness and that includes after Al-Anon the revealed is on this Tuesday CBS News chief medical correspondent dr. Jon LaPook explains no thank you your brother evidence in this recent TV appearance Tremors stiffness and slow movements are the most recognizable symptoms of the disease patients include actor Michael J fox and Reverend Jesse Jackson to be immobilized by fear and think the worst thing has happened to you it hasn’t happened do you still have things you can do to exercise including boxing and tennis this is a good start and we do think that people who exercise especially vigorously do better over the Long Haul animal protein is deposited in the brain cells that are affected in Parkinson’s higher levels of dopamine which are red and yellow lowering that protein joining me now is CBS News chief medical correspondent dr. Jon LaPook John thanks for being here about what exactly Parkinson’s disease is it for us these usually affects people over the age of 50 say 50 or 60 and it’s characterized by a lack of a neurotransmitter called dopamine you know a neurotransmitter in one nerve cell talk to another to have Tremors and stiffness then you can have all sorts of other symptoms to on Tuesday on CBS This Morning award-winning actor Alan Alda revealed that he was diagnosed with Parkinson three and a half years ago let’s go ahead and listen to some of what he said to be mobilised by fear and think the worst thing has happened to you it hasn’t happened to you still have things you can do shingles tenants a couple of times about his disease decrease stigma that’s associated with a Parkinson’s is often very severe illness very severe symptoms of exercise with medication and I think the message of people is if you have early symptoms try to get help sooner rather later no exercise medication that’s how you control the symptoms what other kind of treatments are on the horizon when it comes to park in the world Russian of the underlying disease and if it was kind of funny because when I spoke to him I said when you doing this box there are you getting hit in the head cuz she don’t remember Muhammad Ali head blow his might have contributed to his Park something that can stop the progression of the underlying disease is the protocol alpha-synuclein which is in nerve cells which is dealt to somehow come up the work and that maybe something where if you get rid of it or if you lower it you may improve the symptoms and his so some advances in early diagnosis so right now you’re going on the basis of symptoms are now some brain scans will you can actually see the amount of dopamine in the brain and say oh it looks like it’s lower than normal and that helps make the diagnosis the way is here for people who are listening to Alan Alda story and may have someone in their own family that’s been diagnosed with Parkinson’s symptoms I’m just too afraid to even talk to anybody about it at the very least talk to your doctor you may not want to share with everybody I talk to your doctor because the earlier you get treatment that may mean that you know you get better earlier and certainly want to get out of program of exercise medication and then need to get into one of these trials these experimental trials and maybe you can get better sooner rather than later
Actor Alan Alda revealed Tuesday on “CBS This Morning” that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease three years ago. CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook joins CBSN to talk about the early symptoms of the illness, as well as what new treatments are on the horizon.

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