Breaking the silence about subway suicide

Breaking the silence about subway suicide
Breaking the silence about subway suicide
At any moment. suicide hovers like a silent screen, piercing those left behind open my mind. What could I have done? What could I have done better? What didn’t I do? Young family, a promising career so much to live for. If there’s any thing about this. extraordinary openness, the Toronto Transit Commission acknowledged Michael’s death was deliberate. It was a crack in the silence that has shrouded Subway suicide for decades. A silence. The TTC is now shattering. Sweetheart glorifying things, I’m not blaming people, but we do need to talk about it All Too Well in everyone, he sees a human story and he wants to change the way. The story ends. 73 year old person, and so I spent a lot of time staring at the picture frame, he’s pretty morose. He gets up walks to the edge and train as incoming. He watches the train come in. The judgement made by the person who is evaluating this is that he was psyching himself up trying to build up courage. My own view is: it takes a lot of courage to take your own life and it’s not uncommon people to take time to do it. Video cameras, suicide attempts are compiled for training purposes. We’Re interested in here is it he’s in the station for awhile. It’S not just numbers, opposite. He’s, obviously sad, it’s probably sad, but whatever’s in that picture. You know, and all these other passengers waiting they’re going to witness this they’re all going to be traumatized home and talk about it and traumatized their family or their co-workers or schoolmates. It wherever they are and it just the ripples out and out a lot of people are affected. When I came in here, super boat racing program, Closed Doors by being quiet, hasn’t helped the where and the when is all over the TTC spike in the number of attempts and then when the next train came and she went to jump, and so is your opportunity. There to learn from what are front-line employees with their training out what their penis action ring free option is on the table. It’S not even giving us this kind of box of not talking about talk about it. I think probably every family in Canada has been touched by suicide in and some extended member of the family, so people know – and I think people are well aware that suicide happens in the subway. So it’s not a matter of it being knows the people trying to kill them IT. Workers have also stopped dozens. More people in distress is a constant Grimm expectation slamming an emergency screaming and then that big loudest thing I’ve ever heard and still hear his screams. I just screaming help me, God help me. Please help me over and over and over your dreaming about it you’re thinking about her all the time you hear someone scream and then you think about it and you survive the initial impact. Injuries doesn’t know what happened to the man he struck one because there’s that hope that you lived and maybe he’s still alive today. Maybe he’s picked himself up and I know even though I feel you know emotional, that is if, if you did, you know his family, did he have brothers or sisters? I mean the impact, not just a meme but his family as well to choose that stuff stuff. So I don’t think I want to thank you survive that’ll help me through my. I think it took a while to get through a single day, Young University police investigation, the constant service delays can be staggering to a single incident, can add up to millions of dollars of lost time, pressing satisfactorily emotional solution. It’S been talked about many times and now the first concrete step in the Years, A team of experts is assessing what it would take to build platform, Edge doors, physical barriers, that only open when trains are in the station, at least a billion dollars to retrofit an Aging subway system, political and, more than anything, to do the right thing imperative that we have a solution to all this loss of life. Alchemy not go ahead and do it. If you know there’s something you can do that’s going to save one life, and you are Duty bound to do that. Thang. The doors would also mean a reprieve from being on guard all the time. On this day, Jon breaks away to watch over a man who seems vulnerable Paris acting, and so I just wanted to make sure that she got on the train safely and if the funding for the doors comes through it still years away. So what now? The TTC is refreshing, its Crisis Line posters, reminding People Help, is a call away and there’s a new plan to encourage commuters to approach someone. Research shows a simple hello can break a deadly impulse, she wanted to die and then he locked eyes with a stranger on the subway platform. Danny did is okay, what’s going on, are you okay and then do that with no no way that was going to be the starting the end of it? I got on the train and the moment I did myself much rain heavily. I just felt this completes. I believe ya. Okay, I got through this grateful. Are you returning to that man that day, I have no idea who that person is. If I, if you walked by me right now and never know, I can’t remember what he looks like it, but he was just a person that cares and did the right thing. So I never thought this would happen. Karin can’t help but wonder if Small Talk could have saved her son’s life was watching in the middle of the day. There were so many people around without of has to end shine a light on it and say you wouldn’t want this to happen to anybody in your family and it’s happening to other people’s families, and it may happen if somebody in your family. So, let’s get this done names to get done, because if there ever was safety in Silence the feeling here it’s it’s gone your whenever miliotis CBC News Toronto.
The Toronto Transit Commission is speaking about suicide on the subway because it says staying silent for years hasn’t worked.

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