Brett Kavanaugh: Test vote win for US Supreme Court pick – BBC News

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Brett Kavanaugh: Test vote win for US Supreme Court pick – BBC News
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Brett Kavanaugh: Test vote win for US Supreme Court pick – BBC News
As a reminder to our guests in the gallery’s, expressions of approval or disapproval are not permitted in the Senate galleries. The clerk will report the motion to invoke cloture cloture motion with Anderson senators in a quart. The provisions of rule 22, the standard rules of the Senate do hereby move to brand of a close debate on the nomination of Brett and Kavanagh to be an associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States summer 17. Senators 2 Chainz boys, professor of us politics, Richmond University. Just watching this with me, explain them what is going on right now. We just had from McDonald at what we seeing a vote to end move to a folder full votes on the issue, which is an expected today. Extra pointed out. What we’ll see here is a roll cool in alphabetical order of the members of United States, yay or nay, on this and some of the names to take a note. If you’d, like Suzanne Collins, Miss Cantwell, this is capital mr. carton, mr. Carper, mr. Casey. Mr. Cassidy, Miss Collins mr. Koons mr. Corker mr. cornyn, Miss Cortez masto mr. cotton, mr. crapo mr. Cruise. Mr. Donnelly is Duckworth Urban. Mr. in z, mrs. Feinstein, mrs. Fisher. Mr. flake is the gardener. Mr Graham Miss Harris. Miss hasson, Mr Heinrich, is high camp mr. Heller. Mr. Hoven mrs. Heights Smith, mr. inhofe mr. isakson, mr. Johnson, mr. Jones mr. Cain mr. Kennedy, mr. King, Miss Klobuchar Mr Kyle, Mr Langford mr. Lahey mr. Lee mr. Mansion, mr. Marquis, mrs. mccaskill, Menendez this murkowski mr. Murphy. This is Marie Wilson, mr. Paul mr. Perdue. Mr. Portman, mr. Reid, mr. risch mr. Roberts mr. rounds mr. Rubio Mr Sanders mr. SAS mr. shots, it’s your Schumer mr. Scott, mr. Shelby, Miss Smith missed out mr. Sullivan mr. tester. Soon mr. Tillis MR2 me mister mister Van Hollen, mr. Warner miss Warren for Whitehouse. Mr. wicker, it’s pretty young Senators voting in the affirmative Alexander barrasso, blunt Bozeman, Burr, capitao, Cassidy, Collins, Corker, cornyn, crapo, Cruz Danes, NZ Ernst Fisher, flake, Gardner, Graham Grassley Heller, Hoven, Highsmith, inhofe, Isaacson Kennedy, Kyle, Langford, McConnell, Moran, call Purdue Portman, risch Roberts rounds, Rubio SAS Scott Shelby Sullivan soon Telus tuning wicker and young Mansion, I Senators voting in the negative Bennett, Booker Brown, Cantwell Hardin Casey, Coons, Cortez, masto, Duckworth, Durbin, Feinstein, Harris Hinrich cane Klobuchar, Lahey, Marquis, Merkley, murkowski, Murphy, Marie Nelson Peter’s, Schatz Smith, stabenow, tester, Udall Warner, Warren White House and Widen Mr Sanders know it’s early, Miss Hassan know, mr. Jones, no Mister Johnson, mr. Schumer know Connolly, no, no, mrs. mccaskill, no, Mr Menendez Spencer, Reid, no Mister King. No mr. Van Hollen, no Miss Herrera. No, no mr. Blumenthal know say that booty under way, quite tents that are on the senate floor, James boys, us professor of us politics at Richmond University. What’S your reading! If that the incredible is not too many times, I imagine a life coach about just being broadcast on the BBC with such interest in the result which cut he seen some interesting voting patterns, we see, if example, Joe manchin, The Identical West Virginia voting. I had to confirm, but we will see I send send it to the center at about Alaska. The Republican voting against. So we’ve got a a trade-off van, so so interesting that sends it’s flaking Collins. He would both a toy opposing this sudden nomination have voted to to enclosure and nutrafol vote between cut indicated that inclined to vote for him in the final analysis. So this is only imagine looking at when we are. The Democrats are adding to the list, but suddenly this he’s looking very, very close, and I would imagine that Mitch McConnell, I might have imagined, but just to be clear. This is a procedural issue with that. The final motion on whether he should Brett Kavanaugh or should be no Nation, dance coach. At this point and against the denomination I did not so at least it’s quite a situation full, but the White House and for the Republican leadership on the senate floor. It was I indicated earlier. I would have been hopeful quite frankly, of getting this through this stage and Sunday want to get this done as quick as possible that his hopes to get a final floor vote as early as as tomorrow night. So I know it’s standing. The fact that at least one Republican senator is pretentious child wedding God there was some debate about whether the float for vote might even be moved forward to this evening. Washington time this is a lot of contention around it. There all barricades up at the moment around Capitol Hill to try and keep opponents protests as far away from the building as possible may not be unprecedented move. It must be sad, so it’s really is an approach that the Senate is very deadly rebalanced anyway. Isn’T it in terms of Democrats and Republicans indeed, 51 majority for the Republicans 49 individuals and registered Democrats are voting with the Democrats or the Republicans the chamber who wish to change their vote as a reminder to our guests in the gallery’s xpressions of approval or disapproval, Are not permitted in the Senate galleries on this photo. The A’s are 51, the nose r49. The motion is agreed to 51. Yes, 49, no at pretty much almost as tight as it could be.
The US Senate has voted to advance President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to a final vote.

The vote – called “cloture” – was a test of support for the embattled nominee who has faced sexual assault allegations from several women.

All eyes were on four swing senators for Saturday’s final vote.

Cloture passed with 51 in favour. Republicans have a 51-49 majority.

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