Brexit and your holiday: Five things that could change – BBC News

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Brexit and your holiday: Five things that could change – BBC News
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free things from beautiful boiling Benidorm and your holiday bu law covers all sorts of things from Roots to safety to the brexit negotiations are going to have to come up with something if there’s no deal and March next year when is talk of emergency plans to make sure that plays and keep flying right now one of these gets you into any EU country we don’t know if British terrorist will need visas future or whether they’ll be affected by the eu’s new travel authorization system where visitors from outside will have to register on a website and pay 7 euros from 2020 UK is not in the EU anymore in the EU there are no mobile phone charges and Brits get free emergency medical care on holiday those things will have to be negotiated as well but mobile phone roaming has gone come back because of brexit how did you feel before you know your European health insurance card which means you got free medical care if that disappeared Benidorm has found the brexit affect ever since the referendum in 2016 because Times by fewer Euros so things here are more expensive for Brita filters the industry here is pretty relaxed because we think it’s in everyone’s interest to get a good deal package holidays so they can’t get enough of it implementation. Lasting until 2020 with things will stay exactly the same meeting next summer might be exactly the same this one
How the UK leaving the EU could impact things like flights, visas and mobile roaming. The BBC’s Adam Fleming explains from Benidorm.

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