Brexit deal: What do the other parties think? – BBC News

Brexit deal: What do the other parties think? – BBC News
The Prime Minister comes before us today trying to sell us a deal that is already dead in the water to support the Prime Minister on the side of proposals, the spirit behind it, which is of effectively conceding loncheras of sovereignty, giving up control in order to secure A day or just completely come true politician for whom opportunities for young people we go ahead with. This will be fewer than I heart and not something to be deeply irresponsible. It’S not the only option not leaving the European Union having a people’s vote finding out where the people want. This deal mobilized, not the promises that were offered before the referendum previously has opposed to the promises. I think people will reconsider that positions. Station is about his five years under a massive population. They’Re all on hold, nothing is being dumb and we just got to get back to those bigger issues and draw a line on the brexit
Theresa May has come out in defence of her Brexit deal, as members of her own government have stood down over “fatal flaws” in the agreement.

But what do the other parties think of the prime minister’s Brexit plan?

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