Brexit draft agreement: What does the 585 page document say? – BBC News

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Brexit draft agreement: What does the 585 page document say? – BBC News
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Brexit draft agreement: What does the 585 page document say? – BBC News
Here is the 585 page brexit withdrawal agreement, which was sealed the terms of the UK’s divorce from the EU. A few things jump out. They have managed to solve that problem of having an insurance policy to prevent a hard border on the eye Island. If the future trading relationship doesn’t solve that problem, if it was used, it would see Northern Ireland staying in the eu’s Customs Union symbol, taneously being part of a new UK white Customs relationship with the rest, the EU. If that came into force, it would come with strings attached. The UK would have to sign up to several areas of EU law, perhaps that environment protection, social protection and how do the government would intervene to help companies so cold state aid is going to be quite a complicated system for solving disputes that arise as a result Of this treaty, with loss of committees, one of them will be an independent arbitration panel made up of independent people, but they will have the power to refer matters relay the EU law to the European court of justice. Do the ecj will have a role in this? In the years to come, it’s all wrapped up and very optimistic language about both sides using their best endeavors, negotiate a prominent future relationship and to Watson good faith at all times. Also that post brexit transition., Which is Jutsu and currently in December 2020, could be extended once the document doesn’t say until when I my personal favorite, the tricky issue that was laughing right till the end. What to do about protecting eeu Regional products from specific places like Parma ham, Gorgonzola feta cheese UK has signed up for the eu’s proposal that protection for those products is written into British law.
Adam Fleming has been up all night reading and digesting it – here’s the Brexit agreement summarised in two minutes.

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