Brexit draft plan: a doomed deal?

Brexit draft plan: a doomed deal?
With me and studio, is our International Affairs going to Douglas Herbert Douglas the text? It hasn’t been made public, but a lot of the details have been leaked out. It’S a gesture. Still, a lot of members of parliament in the UK are going to get to the things that they’ve objective Theresa May has been doing. Is this is a full court press right last night this morning she has been won by one bringing her cabinet members removed deeply divided. I can’t stress enough deeply divided cabinet into her office at 10 Dunning Street, basically showing them. They can’t take it out of 10 Downing Street just draft agreement and, let’s underscore draft 2K, it’s an agreement. Basically the EU says: okay, prime minister, you can take this to to London. You can show this to them, but it’s really no one’s fully comfortable with it. Yet they’re going to look at it today or the cabinet’s going to get together and what she’s aiming to do is get them to actually sign off is straps that you can continue with this whole train this process. It is a very tough slog for Theresa May. Why we’ve already seemed to Pro brexit ministers, inner inner cabinet resign? Over the summer we saw Boris Johnson former foreign secretary. Out of there we saw David Davis brexit secretary. The man was charged with overseeing the UK’s brexit negotiations. He was out of there because they saw the seals unacceptable betrayal of of UK sovereignty. They were Pro brexit, but you still have still in the cabinet people with. If concerns you have Ministries, you can go down a full list of them who have been including the foreign minister of Jeremy Hunt, including Sajid Javid who’s, the Home Secretary. The list goes on and on each one has to be convinced. This has enough impetus behind it. To be able to sell to the party to the Parliament and to the country – and let me tell you, the critics are lined up in droves. This is what some people already calling an epic fudge of a deal which is DOA Dead. On Arrival from what they’re hearing and seeing this is not what they want through cabinets, it’s just the first of quite a lot of hurdles at the first hurdle. Is this going to be an EU Summit you made yesterday? I was saying well the likelihood of that happening this month, not too great, it looks like there will be an EU Summit this month. The problem is what the summit it looks like they’ll, probably be a Simon, I’m saying it by the end of the month, probably November 25th, at which the EU and EU leaders are supposedly and and capitals will have to also sign off on this agreement Bill. Consider it it’s been going to have to come back up, the European Parliament is going to have to consider consider this deal and then – and this is where it really gets Theresa May will be knee-deep mud here, slogging through it when it goes before the British Parliament. It is almost too long a litany, a list to lay out all the forces arrayed against her, both on the side of hard brexiteers, the pro brexit people that want nothing to do with any deal. That’S smacks a smidgen of any concessions to Europe or anything that looks like the UK in any way. Shape or form will remain subject to European rules and regulations in a customs Union in a single market so on and so forth. They have that on one side, but on the other side, you have all of the pro Europeans a lot of the people who were fervent remainers, who think that brexit is one of the worst most fatal errors in State diplomatic history and that it’s basically shooting the Entire country shooting itself in the foot. They are waiting there waiting with bated breath for this packed to come before this withdrawal and requirement to come before Parliament so that they can have their say and what? What are the keywords for a few hours? To remember? All of us remember, the parliament is demanding on both sides a meaningful vote. What does meaningful mean? It means that they cannot just take a take-it-or-leave-it agreement and vote Yes or No up or down. They want to be able to be able to able amendments. Motions in this is where it gets interesting because, as you can imagine, the pro Europeans be. Critics of this brexit deal would like that to be the opportunity to call for a second referendum watch this space today tomorrow at the next, how to say for a long long time to come in thanks a lot for that inside
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International Affairs commentator Douglas Herbert gives his opinion about the Brexit draft agreement.

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