Brexit FAQ: What could Brexit mean for the Union- BBC News

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Brexit FAQ: What could Brexit mean for the Union- BBC News
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will problems with the Irish Bull that’s a different country with a very different political Outlook that was demonstrated very clearly a 62% discount switching to remain in the EU with Sachi 8% wanting to leave some hoped others feared that Scotland being taken out of the EU against his will would leave more Scott’s to think it’s time to leave the UK necklace and I felt so lost you official residence and she has plans for the second referendum on Scottish independence place before the UK left the EU but Westminster said no and Scotland didn’t seem very keen just three months later the general election the SMP lost 21-seat B&T referendum Taurus games 12 message was pretty clear it’s actually going to make the parliament considerably more powerful once we leave the EU many of the power is currently exercised in Brussels over like Agriculture and the environment will come directly here to holyrood but not everything that the government thinks should be devolved will come straight to Edinborough does being a bitter battle over control and that’s why I msps would to prove the EU withdrawal Bill voted in May to refuse to give its consent to the EU withdrawal Bill Westminster decided to ignore it and impose the bill anyway that’s the first time that’s happened in nearly 20 Evolution an obscure procedural argument that it could have profound constitutional consequences if or when there is another referendum on Scottish independence this will be used as a example of why the Scottish Parliament needs complete control of its own Affairs update us on her plans for another Independence referendum next month if she was expecting brexit to create a surge in support for Independence Philippine disappointed opinion polls have hardly moved it already the process of leaving the EU has severely strained relations between Edinburgh and London and may yet has the ties That Bind the United Kingdom Sarah Smith BBC News Edinborough
BBC’s scotland editor Sarah Smith assesses what Brexit could mean for the Union

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