Brexit FAQ: Will it definitely happen? – BBC News

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Brexit FAQ: Will it definitely happen? – BBC News
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how will trade work after brexit Journey leading the liver was about taking back control to the promises return trip to the way things used to be a more British way but from here Britain Post brexit Journey could take any number of directions there’s a unique bespoke trade deal that’s a Free Trade Agreement maybe like the deal that you had with Canada or totes could end with no deal at all plan for Coleman River for trade in Goods at a free market in Services goes against the EU system of a single Market right off of David Davis and others could go to Performance they like a closer relationship or any outcome the country will be depends on reaching some destination on the country step call ceu train on schedule as she pledged on March 29th next year could Britain somehow walk away from the EU and put off the really big decisions about the future till after brexit de kick-the-can-down-the-road don’t think that’s possible on Britain’s long brexit journey face is another big obstacle when the UK leaves there’s no agreement on how to do that and there’s no clear way to fudge that question just to keep brexit moving in the end they’ll be more big decisions to take on Westminster politicians the piano deadlock could lead to a people’s vote price of betrayal would be definite but some and pees on both sides are hoping for even that this route has the capacity fix the biggest question facing Britain since World War if nuclear waste through is found it might just end where it started with the people jumping up BBC News Westminster
BBC’s Deputy Political Editor John Pienaar on will Brexit definitely happen.

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