Brexit FAQ: Will Migrants still be able to come? – BBC News

how will trade work after brexit will we be richer or poorer will still be able to come I’m outside pizza for 10 hours a day Beyonce’s this team of bulgarians and Romanians places you think you’ll taking British jobs because they don’t want to do this job and we need money and should take the job some places where you ready everyone expected move Microsoft Elite ceu expanded in 2004 with 10 new countries but it wasn’t just a trickle numbers increased and then increased again till that increase which 189,000 in t16 the year of the book to leave in these parts Ferndale is always coming and being welcomed Italians and polls after the war from becoming wealthy laser decades the face of Britain has changed completely nothing much changes immediately on brexit De migrants already part of the British picture can stay whatever happens there they will have to register free movement goes on during a transition is a brexit deal and they could be a Visa system like the one for Noni you workers for some jobs and those numbers have already gone up much higher than those coming from Europe is plenty of business is run by migrants anymore spray tan schools hospitals just right migration maybe chain or scratching future but either way more will come outside Europe to live and work in businesses and services finding the new face of written will be hard recruits gun training Rich to do the job some migrants to suffer still selling that Vision to the country BBC News
BBC News’ Deputy Political Editor John Pienaar looks at the impact that Brexit could have on immigration.

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