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what will brexit mean for the unions on the way to brexit the biggest roadblock we Face the Irish Border that’s it we just crossed the border Island to Northern Island a century ago the division of Island Park patient in the building of Customs post let the years of troubles they send it off to the Good Friday agreement brought peace the fair is reimposing border checks would risk new violence and be hugely complicated and that you promised to guarantee they’ll be no border under any circumstances this is me says she wants no new Customs or other checks here it wouldn’t be needed if you can’t quit the EU but stays in its single Market in the Customs Union but this is Maggie says leaving those two is a red line for her it wouldn’t be delivering on brexit the border is stream here the Renaissance of palm tfs6 generation that field stretch both sides of the Border and a busy one 30% milk from the north go south to be processed 50% of land does to from the south comes 25% of beef used in the North any checks all need it they won’t happen along the line between Northern Ireland and Ireland but would be nice in the UK Northern Ireland staying on the most of the eu’s single Market in the Customs rules but if it’s a resume and northern islands Democratic unionist who supported Parliament unacceptable however the UK government has not put forward any alternative legal text to the e used version that’s the only one in the negotiations this is me hopes of future but the EU wants a border guaranteed now help 1° in exit treaty without that the UK faces and no deal brexit Central Dauphin Island’s tray some believe technology can you raise the borders because the EU in the UK say it come to remove the need for checks so the Dilemma is there any border solution acceptable to the you UK unionist to other brexiteers alike but use hope now is to tweak it’s time to make it more palatable by making any checks that would have to happen here less obtrusive tell that to her party and then pees in Parliament if not any brexit feel may be in trouble because BBC news on the Irish Border
After Brexit, the 310 mile border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland will become the UK’s border with the EU.
At the moment, thousands of people cross it every day for both work and pleasure – as do goods, like food and medicines, being delivered across the two countries.
As part of the EU single market and customs union, these products do not need to be checked for customs and standards, but when the UK leaves these two arrangements, this all changes.
BBC’s Europe Correspondent Damian Grammaticas reports.

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