Brexit FAQ: Will we be Richer or Poorer? – BBC News

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Brexit FAQ: Will we be Richer or Poorer? – BBC News
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will definitely happen I will try work after brexit Union and I trade with the rest of the world it just two of those moving so the first point days keep things in perspective depends on the size of health of the economy now and a decision to leave the European Union has suddenly affected by the question is why first uncertainty look for few a new opportunities at the future is on the player and then the return of the income squeeze the referendum the value of the pound fell which meant Prices rose spend more money importing all the billions of pounds worth of food and fuel that we need its consumers are earning less they tend to spend less in the shops and how much of our economy is driven by consumers about 2/3 the effect on the economy of these two breaks is pretty clear before the referendum the UK now we are languishing somewhere behind them in the league tables and the economy is smaller than it was forecast to be before the referendum in the short term the overwhelming majority of Economist believe so whatever I deal with the European Union it will be negative in pounds and Pence the Britain trade with the DUI biggest trading partner will become more complicated and New Deal economic leave the full costume play will be the worst outcome when the British people voted last June they did not vote to become poor or less secure brexit richer or poorer well that might depend more on schools off how strong are entrepreneurs how much politicians do to support working people the longer time is a Fickle Beast of course we kind of flurries outside the European Union but we do will be up to us
BBC’S Kamal Ahmed on the economic effects of Brexit

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