Brexit: How will MPs vote? – BBC News

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Brexit: How will MPs vote? – BBC News
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Brexit: How will MPs vote? – BBC News
Brexit is a complete edition move. It is nothing like what people it’s nothing like what we were promised during the 2016 referendum. People’S votes. Brexit is the most tremendous Liberation for the British people. It means that are in democracy will once again it’s about taking back control and having confidence that we can make better decisions for ourselves and other people can make for it. From my point of view, I’d like to see the deal pass because somebody evicted and leave you you, I don’t want to gamble with the outcome – is a deal on the table. It gets his over the line and gets his into a bright new future. The real fight, every don’t list of the reason that we have to vote it defino real progress. I’Ve been guessing the future relationship defined, and what we really be nice to do is to endorse what you might call a blind people, Scotland, before we voted to remain in the EU, and it doesn’t protect that close relationship that I would like to see us continue To have with the EU, it would become part of the EU, a solution which I believe both in means that we leave the European Union economy of his country’s prosperity to flourish in the future at risk. It certainly the hardest thing I’ve ever done. As a member of Parliament,
MPs will finally vote today on whether to accept or reject the prime minister’s plan for Brexit.

The government promised MPs a vote on the deal the government struck with Brussels last year. But it was delayed after Theresa May admitted it “would be rejected by a significant margin”.

But how do MPs feel about it now? We asked some key figures in the Brexit debate to tell us what they think about the prime minister’s deal, and how they’re planning to vote tonight.

Filmed and edited by Nick Raikes.

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