Brexit: Inside a Disunited Kingdom | Dispatches

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Brexit: Inside a Disunited Kingdom | Dispatches
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Brexit: Inside a Disunited Kingdom | Dispatches
Jingle Bells brexit Parliament. The government – should quite simply contrast that generally around house with the clear but totally different message. He spoke with people on each side and they are deeply divided except it all of them are losing their faith in the system with the British people speak, that voice will be respected. If we vote to leave, then we leave 2016 country. Has a referendum vote choice to either leave or remain in the European Union? Believe sign said it was a vote to win the vote. The UK has voted to leave the European Union EU over the terms of the breakup three weeks ago. Prime minister, Theresa May finally brought home a deal to present to Parliament mrs. Baker. This is a bad deal for Britain, a bad deal for economy and a bad deal for democracy, but beyond the political debates, denounce the brexit to shrink the economy and be as bad as the 2008 financial crisis. A world away from London in many of the Region’s were factories of clothes to wear jobs of trickled away. Arguments dominate like in Black at seaside resort town just seen better days. It was once a favorite holiday destination for many British people, but is now just as cheap to fly away to Sunny Spain with fewer tourists. Blackpool is suffering. Life expectancy for men here is the shortest in England, and people take more antidepressant per person than anywhere else. In the country, 67 %, what is the brexit ignores? The paper just feel the opportunities out there anymore billion pounds a year. It was just want to watch your money about a membership fee to the UK, pays to be a part of the EU. Come back home and indirect ways. Take Liverpool 60 miles south in 2008 that you named it European capital of culture that wrote in millions of visitors who voted millions of parents. 50 Oz, just transformed itself against brexit. Now she’s joined a new movement, that’s pushing for second referendum with an option to remain in the EU. They call it the people’s vote. This effort is hard to miss evening regions that voted heavily for brexit, like here in County, Durham in the northeast of England, with new evidence and with the greatest sense of certainty about what brexit means. We now know what brexit looks like we didn’t tune off years ago, where else I’d say they feel cheated sing to be going completely by. You need to listen to us in an attempt to settle the question. The EU referendum is onset of the nation.
Two and a half years after Britain’s referendum on whether to leave the European Union, the country remains divided. We met with voters on both sides of the debate — those who voted to leave and now feel betrayed, and those campaigning for a second referendum.

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