Brexit: May under pressure over deal – BBC News

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Brexit: May under pressure over deal – BBC News
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Brexit: May under pressure over deal – BBC News
It feels like brexit going a bit my eyes and that’s less than 5 months ago. I know him. He knows where it will might end up. Sad ministers had signed off the deal for the UK leave the EU. I will bring it to Parliament, asked MPS to consider the national interest. I’D give it that I can. The government must now withdrawal is Hogback jail, which is clear, does not have the backing of the cabinet. This Parliament or the country as a whole boyfriend says no longer match. Should I write to my girlfriend West, they can write to him saying they want a different. Neither and so guess what happened next did the European Union? It is impossible to divide up the United Kingdom and I have to be a vote on whether to me should still be the one in charge, country and hola people. Yes, but even if the Prime Minister stays any kind of brexit deal she’s pushing to get enough support in Westminster,
After a day of Cabinet resignations, and mounting speculation that the prime minister could be forced out, no one really knows what might happen next.

But Theresa May has said she is “determined” to see her draft Brexit agreement through, and has vowed to stay on in Downing Street.

Our political correspondent Leila Nathoo looks at what we know now, and what could still happen.

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