Brexit: Parliament prepares to shutdown as government suffers new defeat – BBC News

Brexit: Parliament prepares to shutdown as government suffers new defeat – BBC News
Brexit: Parliament prepares to shutdown as government suffers new defeat – BBC News
Good evening from Westminster, parliament in just a few hours time will be suspended for 5 weeks. This last day of the session has been eventful even by the standards of recent months and the demonstrators. Of course, I still here tonight the queen, signed the new law passed PMP last week, designed to prevent a No Deal brexit on later tonight. Mp’S will be off to vote for the second time on Boris Johnson’s call for a general election for the Prime Minister spent this morning in Dublin, where he said that leaving the EU without deal would be a failure of statecraft. The teashop Leah Veronica counted that the UK had yet to offer practical solutions to the Irish backstop. That’S the mechanism to avoid a hard Border in Ireland. What’S the new the Speaker of the House of Commons, don’t work out a key figure in the Parliamentary brexit protest announced that he’d be standing down at the end of next month. So let’s join a political editor, Lawrenceburg who’s in the house the following tonight. He was less than a week since I’m piece came back to Parliament after this summer break. I did not time. We’Ve seen a whole brexit book set with a very improbable cloth. The benefits for the new prime minister, possibly another one, tonight’s resignations from government, and some Tory MPS even being kicked out from their party, an extraordinary. Where everything is almost been running, like a Helter Skelter. Going in a size in miles an hour, but this morning for the Irish leader, my report, beginning their cells, have some flash photography. That’S some guests. He might be more at ease with a small talk than his predecessor, but the problem is much the same. What to do about the Irish Border if there’s no brexit deal, although this week, send it a lot more committed to trying than in recent days, like you looked Astley at no deal, I’ve assessed its consequences. All country on we couldn’t do it. Uk could certainly get through it, but be in no doubt that’s how come would be a failure of State crossword. We withhold be responsible, no new solution from the UK yet to the backstop controversial Insurance guarantee against bringing back a hard border. The reason I agreed upon him and hated what’s up to – and I know you understand this – is a reach – the replacement of illegal guarantee with the promise we are open to Alternatives, but they must be realistic ones legally, binding and workable. We haven’t received such proposals. Today’S today, where parliament passed the law to try to make it impossible for the prime minister to take us out of the EU with I2 deal once as an option, is no more of a symbol of parliament’s right to resist dining Street than the speaker John barcode. My tenure as speaker and Impe will end when this Parliament ends allegations which he denies will go, but only after this latest round of brexit control versus dumb degrade this Parliament that black angel Boris Johnson and he was a bloated, but look where the cotton comes from. I’M later tonight, the commons will pack up for a few weeks the government calling in our default. We will do everything we can and will support in the election, when that is clear, that we not doing that. Still time note for the forces ranged against the prime minister to defeat Tim 302 number 10 to public documents survive no deal on the private messages of dining sweet, stuff majority of parliament. With this new agreement sooner or later we’re all heading there. Bbc News Westminster Dublin today what was the so-called Irish backstop once again? That’S the mechanism to avoid a hard Border in Ireland. I think stand the UK and Ireland the both you never stayed so. Goods can cross the border without seed for checks. Veloster brexit, the 310 mL of water between Northern Ireland and the Republic would be the only land border between the UK and the EU. A failure to reach a trade agreement with me in the north of Ireland stop with different rules and standards to the Republic of Ireland and to avoid any checks on insurance plan. The backstop agreed between Theresa May and EU leaders would keep the UK in a close relationship with the EU and he’ll trade deal was agreed. Some conservative at these feel that the UK would be trapped indefinitely by such an arrangement, and some have suggested recently that the deal could be amended so that the back only applies to Northern Ireland and that could prove controversial as well. Because that would be a new Border in effect being created in the Irish sea. So that’s the context and it’s been distant obstacle in these talks. Europe is in Brussels tonight. Is there a chance? You think that this suggestion / Northern Ireland only backstop could unlock. Maybe these brexit off. Will it kill you if the Prime Minister insist that the backstop doesn’t need just to be tweaked but to be replaced all together? Then the EU things to know that could be the way forward because it takes boxes for both sides for the EU. It protects single markets estate, Island on the Northern Ireland peace process. It allows Great Britain to make whatever trade deals at once after brexit. It allows Northern Ireland to benefit economically from the EU and the UK while maintaining the same political nations with the rest of the UK. This was the eu’s first backstop proposal, so he was the Prime Minister was to go for it that you could get it ready in plenty of time for that crucial EU leaders Summit in Middletown, AlarmForce Johnson, to say I told you so, but it is not a Shining Light 310, Theresa May said: no prime minister could sign up to it and even if he can, what about the rest of MP’s, I will definitely be at least some unionist opposition almost about Scotland deal with the EU after brexit 1. Scotland. Push for that as well, it is far from straightforward and Eve. Adidas can see that and that’s why behind-the-scenes they say they are open to another brexit extension, if they’re also one Whatever front said they once again with the latest that in Brussels will answer Laura was telling us earlier the Speaker of the House of Commons, John bercow, The person who manages debates in the chamber has confirmed that he will stand down by the end of October and won’t stand as an MP at the next election. In an emotional speech, he won’t against undermining Parliament and he reminded MP.. They were Representatives. Delegates is time in the chair has the most times being highly controversial. How do you treat him for signing with the commons against a No Deal, brexit, my wife, salary and three children, Freddy and Jemima Trump supporters, so that he sometimes put them in that place? Listen to everything like it or lump it be quiet. If you can’t be quiet get out. I did nothing, you subtract, it’s rude, it’s stupid compass and it needs to stop Elite. It was welcomed, Donald Trump. I would not wish to issue an invitation to President Trump controversy apologise once he was a devout Tori. We all assumed he was in high office as Speaker list of the private sector, so bad. What would be talking to all political at the solar eclipse by in just a moment, but let’s have a quick look at some of the key dates ahead over the coming months following will be suspended or revoked formally for 5 weeks at the end of business in Westminster tonight, MPS will return to the Queen’s speech in which the government derives its key plans on Monday, the 14th of October, and the new Summit will be held on Thursday. The 17th of October, during which prime minister hopes to be able, he says, to agree a new brexit deal with European leaders agreement, but then passed here by the UK, Parliament and the UK will leave the EU on the 31st of October. If not well, the law now states that the Prime Minister will need to go to the EU and request another extension, and that is something that Boris Johnson has said. He will not do so. With that in mind, let’s join Laura again inside the house.. What is your view on whether the Prime Minister can’t deliver brexit on the 31st of October, people who wearing his party and the opposition parties have been working together to lineup against him, and certainly this place has made it harder for him to stick to that goal Of brexit or bust Do or Die by Halloween. What is it affect an absolutely 100 % impossible that he would be able to achieve that. Absolutely not it’s still possible, if they’re extremely tricky that he might be able to get to deal with the EU in time. Who’S still possible that number 10 might find some kind of way. However, controversial of being able to get runs a kind of delay that Parliament wants to force upon him, I’m more broadly. I just think that we still got weeks and weeks to hit here 5 weeks before and peas are back here and then another few weeks after that. Before that Halloween deadline., She holds into sight, and there could be all sorts of things that no one in this place, even in the Wilder moments in the last 7 days, have contemplated that could unfold, as it has changed a lot in the last few years. Since the referendum – but it’s still true that a week is still a long time in this trade, let alone a month-and-a-half curly off the table with the latest inside the houses of Parliament. Will the Labour leader, Jeremy corbyn is expected to reject calls from senior party colleagues? The campaign unequivocally to remain in the ear in the event of a general election, the Colvin has been resisting pressure to back, to remain under all circumstances and must be seen as a significant move is expected to say that the public should be given the choice of Leaving with a deal all political correspondent, Ian Watson has been to Asheville did nothing, I’m sure to consider the pressures on labor over brexit. In this former mining area, 7 active 10 versus back pregnant turn off mute. The divisions still run deep. What do you believers? The past three years I feel, betrayed and feel extremely disappointed and understand the level of trust without parted. Consomme send peace as it must listen to Grassroots leave. Supporters include holding a field and we would lose a hotlink. A soft hello, four remain. Instead, you make clear the voltage should be given a choice between Aleve and negotiated deal and stay in the EU, but that may provoke a Grassroots Revolt. These left-wing activists, usually what Jeremy corbyn remain, stands at the next election. We need to have ignore what people were saying in 2016, on the edge of old shows by Three Rivers rise to ask you some say only a strong remain message: Lucy of the Lipton nationally. I think we should now declare itself as the party of Romaine, but as long as we see you later government in power, that’s what I want to see destroyed trust funds. Action Labor folk are finding it difficult to sing from the same hymn sheet on brexit and Watson, BBC News ice cream,
Parliament is preparing to shut down for 5 weeks but it’s been a busy day of political developments.

Huw Edwards presents live from Westminster as a new law has been passed that’s designed to prevent a no-deal Brexit. Later the Prime Minister is expected to fail in an attempt to call a general election, after opposition MPs refused to support him.

Boris Johnson visited Ireland today and said that leaving the EU without a deal would be a failure of statecraft. He was accused by the Irish Prime Minister of failing to come up with practical solutions to the so-called Irish backstop –the insurance policy to prevent a hard border. The BBC’s Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg rounds up the days events.

BBC News takes a close look at what the backstop is and, and what might come out of future negotiations, with Europe Editor Katya Adler.

And in a further twist this afternoon, the Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow, a key figure in the parliamentary Brexit process, announced that he’d be standing down, at the end of next month. The BBC’s Deputy Political Editor John Pienaar looks at his political career.

Part of the BBC News at Ten’s Brexit coverage.

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