Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab resigns – BBC News

Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab resigns – BBC News
The brexit Sakrete Dominic Rob has resigned. This is seismic use for Theresa May, as she prepares to address the commons about that. Well, dropped deal draft agreement which way signed off by her cabinets, including Tillman, to grab only just yesterday evening, less than 24 hours old. I think we can show you a couple of tweets up from Dominic Rob now he has been saying he come support the backstop arrangement that you see on your screen today I have resigned as brexit Secretariat. I cannot in good conscience support the terms proposed brought deal with the EU. Here is my letter to the PM, explaining reasons and my ensuring respect for her. We can talk not to a political editor, lower, couldn’t work and joins me on the phone Lord. This is a seismic FaceTiming in the last 24 hours moving towards 9 a.m. the secretary has not resigned because he didn’t like the outcome of his own negotiations effectively Laura. Do you think this is going to embolden the brexit ears, or is it going to make all the recipes rally round the prime minister? I suspect that it will probably do both people on the remaining side of the argument. They will think that I actually time to pull the plug very serious. That would be quite something joining us right now, the brexit secretary to I’m, going to Grandpa’s just announced within the last few minutes that he is resigning Laura do you have any sense? I asked why, if he was thinking about it according to your sources, if he was thinking about going yesterday, why he’s waited until this morning? What is shifted in those few hours each other, but it is not impossible.
Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has resigned saying he “cannot in good conscience support” the UK’s draft Brexit agreement with the EU.

Theresa May announced on Wednesday evening that she had secured the backing of her cabinet for the agreement, after a five hour meeting.

But several ministers were understood to have spoken against it.
And there are suggestions of moves among Conservative backbenchers to force a no-confidence vote in her.

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Mr Raab – a Leave supporter who was promoted to the cabinet to replace David Davis when he quit in protest at Mrs May’s Brexit plans – is among a group of senior ministers thought to be unhappy with the agreement.

Earlier on Thursday, Shailesh Vara quit as minister of state for Northern Ireland, saying he cannot support Mrs May’s agreement, which he said “leaves the UK in a halfway house with no time limit on when we will finally be a sovereign nation”.

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