Brexit: Theresa May updates MPs on draft deal – BBC News

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Brexit: Theresa May updates MPs on draft deal – BBC News
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Brexit: Theresa May updates MPs on draft deal – BBC News
This problem, I would like to make a statement. Alternator lies ahead: let’s have a bit of quiet and respectful order for the prime minister address to this special European Council in Brussels to deal with the leaders of the other 27d. You member states, declaration speech apartment. That is in National interest space immigration system. He made it all parliament in Forth by article and it takes control of our money. 94 million pounds a week of extra investment into a long-term plan for the National Health survey by creating a new free trade restrictions or rules. This deal protects jobs, including those that rely on integrated Supply chains. It protects all security with a close relationship on defense, which would help to keep people safe, Equity of all United Kingdom meeting, all commitments for the whole UK family, including all dependencies to play with the governments of Spain and Gibraltar. I want to pay tribute in particular, for his statesmanship is covered by the whole withdrawal agreement and by the implementation.. I’M to the Future. Part of the UK government will be negotiating for the whole family, including Gibraltar, call dode said this weekend. Like wrote, every aspect of the response of the United Kingdom was agreed with the governments of Gibraltar of this two-year period of negotiation. Most importantly, legal text, David Roth withdrawal agreement – has not been changed, but they have not achieved at the United Kingdom. Message to the people of Gibraltar is clear. We will always stand for you we are proud of Gibraltar. Is British and opposition on sovereignty has not and will not change agreement will ensure that we leave the European Union on the 29th of March next year in a smooth anyway, it protects the rights of EU citizens living in the UK living in the EU, so they Can carry on living that lies as before. It delivers a time-limited implementation. To get business business time to prepare for the new Arrangements during the implantation. Trade will continue on current terms, so business is only have two face: one set of changes, Financial Obligations, less than half, but some originally expected – and it makes our Commitment to insure, if it’s not ready by the end of the implantation., but the UK unsee EU I’ll fully committed both of you, kmzu I’ll, fully committed to having all future relationship in place by the 1st of January 2021. Both sides news best endeavours to avoid the backstop ever coming into fools is just like this. The future relationship is not ready by the end of 2020. We would not be forced to use the Back store. We would have a clear choice between the or short extension to the implementation.. If we did to the legal taxes cleared, it should be temporary, preceded by the future relationship or by alternative Arrangements which include the potential for facilitative arrangements as Technologies on the island. Black spoke to be turned off when we have fulfilled all commitments on the Northern Ireland Fulda to write a review through the joint committee on the ability to seek independent arbitration if he does not use good face in this process. So the bull as a result of the changes we have negotiated but Eagle texted, and I also clip, but once the back still has been superseded, it shall cease to apply to the Future. Parliament decide then move from an initially deep trade relations Medusa one, the box score. Salt could not return incentive office insurance policy of the EU would not have agreed any future partnership with put simply there is no deal that comes with all the facts.. That is no deal relationship between the UK and EU. It is a detailed instructions to negotiate the will be used to deliver a legal agreement on all future relationship off. Do we have left be quiet both sides to use best antennas to get this legal text agreed and implemented by the end of 2022 ocean contain specific details on all future relationship. This includes a new free-trade area with no fees tax. It includes liberalization and trade and services will be on WTO commitments on building on recent EU free trade agreements. It includes new Arrangements leading industry in shows that we will leave EU programs that do not work in our interest, so we will be out at the policy that has failed our promise policy Coastal communities. Instead, instead of the political declaration set times, we will be an independent postal State. Once again, we will take back. Control over, so we will be able to decide for ourselves who we allowed to fish in all Waters. The EU have maintained throughout this process, but they wanted to link over access to markets. To ask Fisher is a failed in the agreement and they failed again in the political declaration relationship, but they should be getting to be on so by now. It’S going to happen. So, for the first time in 40 years, the UK will be able to spot you trade deals and open up new markets for all goods and services in the fastest-growing economies around the world. The future relationship also includes a comprehensive new security partnership with clothes, reciprocal law enforcement and judicial cooperation. People are people safe will be treated like any other known, a eustachian security, but this field security partnership in the eu’s history, including arrangements to exchange DNA, fingerprint, Google registration data, extradition Arrangements like those in the European arrest warrant, information included in the actress and sits two Databases, unwanted or missing persons on Criminal. Mr. speaker, this is being a long and complex negotiation. It has required given take on both sides of a negotiation, but they still on security relationship with on nearest neighbors. I didn’t so doing offers a brighter future for the British people outside of the EU. My photo details very clear on that some cells yesterday. She is a parliament over these coming weeks. It’S because I’m in this field in detail to the basic respectfully to listen to. I just saw horses in National interest. There is a choice which this house will have to make. We can back this field, deliver on the boat of the referendum and move on to building a brighter future opportunity. Oldest house can choose to reject this deal and go back to square one, because no one knows what would happen if this deal doesn’t pause, it will entail. National interest is player. The British people want to deal with country. Whichever way we voted. This is that still a deal that delivers for the statement to the house.
Theresa May addressed MPs on the EU withdrawal agreement, which was formally agreed by the leaders of the other 27 EU nations at the weekend.

On Gibraltar, which was a last minute sticking point in the negotiations, she says the government is committed to protecting all parts of the UK and has the support of the Gibraltar government in the approach they have taken.

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The prime minister says neither side is “entirely happy” on the arrangements reached. She stresses that the negotiations required “give and take on both sides”.

“There is no deal that comes without a backstop, and without a backstop there is no deal,” she says.

The UK has refused to back down over fishing access for EU fleets, with some continuing to push for a change to that approach. To them, she says “it is not going to happen”.

Theresa May tells MPs – “with absolute certainty” – that there is not a better deal available.

It is now time to back the deal and “move on to building a brighter future of opportunity and prosperity for all our people.” Voting down the deal would, she says, return the country to “square one”.

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