Brexit: UK and EU agree delay to 31 October – BBC News

Brexit: UK and EU agree delay to 31 October – BBC News
Brexit: UK and EU agree delay to 31 October – BBC News
What’S the president of the European Council, where I agreed and extensions the brexit prices to the end of October at the latest, I continue to believe we need to leave the EU with a deal as soon as possible advice Eazy-E. You have agreed that the extension can be terminated when the withdrawal agreement has been ratified, which is my key request of my fellow leaders. Example. This means that, if we’re able to paucity it in the first three weeks of May state parks in European elections and will officially leave the EU on Saturday the 1st of June, during the course of the extension, the European Council is clear that the UK will continue To hold full membership lights, as I said in the room tonight, there is only a single chair of EU membership with no conditionality attached Beyond existing treat you applications. Let me conclude by saying this: I know that there is huge frustration from many people that I had to request this extension. The UK should have left the EU by now and I sincerely regret to approve a deal which would leave in a smooth indulgently way, but the choices we now face all stock and the timetable is clear. So we was at peace with our efforts to reach a consensus on the deal that is in the National interest tomorrow. Making a statement to the House of Commons also take place between the government and the opposition to see her way forward to the next few weeks. Will be easy to break the deadlock in Parliament, but we have a duty as politicians to find a way to fulfill the Democratic decision of the referendum, deliver brexit and move our country forward. Nothing is more pressing for vital
After five hours of talks at a summit in Brussels, the UK and the EU have agreed a “flexible extension” of Brexit until 31 October.

Theresa May said the UK would still aim to leave the EU as soon as possible and that should Parliament ratify the withdrawal agreement in the first three weeks of May, the country would then not have to participate in European elections.

Mrs May acknowledged the “huge frustration from many people” that she had to request this extension and said that the UK would “continue to hold full membership rights” during this period.

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