Brexit vote: Will MPs back PMs deal in Commons? – BBC News

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Brexit vote: Will MPs back PMs deal in Commons? – BBC News
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Brexit vote: Will MPs back PMs deal in Commons? – BBC News
The British people have spoken in the officer is without taking more than 18 months to get here, and it hasn’t been easy. But the brexit deal is now a great assistant Ministers of final boss, the details of how we leave the EU and a strategy for how the future looks now, brexit about to head one of its biggest moments. Yet when Westminster 650m peas called agree, ASL the opposition parties, and even thousands of Theresa May own MPS have said they’ll be voting against it and everyone. This is. This is a failure of government policy. It needs to be rejected. Happy conservative MPS have days to debate all the ins and outs of it here in the Commons chamber, while we’re not usually out to felt so when it’s time for a vote, a bell will ring across Parliament that let them know that I have text to get Her to make that choice, they can decide to go through that Corridor. To say yes to say: no, we have to walk through these division, nobody’s glad that names are recorded and the numbers are most would have made up my mind long before they arrive here news about constituents on their own beliefs. If a majority of Bill, then it will be full steam ahead and leaving the EU at the end of March, but that’s looking so unlikely unemployment give two thumbs down. Then really anything could happen. It would be such a major issue for prime minister to lose a vote on the labor could try to force an election, and Tory MPS could decide that Theresa may stay on chargeback policy. She could try to go back to Brussels from more talk, even though they said, that’s not an option, but even then he with no proper Dale, but then supporters of another referendum think that would give them a chance to hold another public vote. There’S never been a situation like this before so I’m excited and it’s up to each OMP to decide which path to go down.
It’s now up to MPs to make the next move on Brexit.

With a so-called ‘meaningful vote’ in parliament next week, they have to decide whether to back the deal the prime minister has negotiated with the EU.

But it’s looking increasingly likely that they’ll say no to Theresa May’s plans.

Our political correspondent Leila Nathoo explains.

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