Brexit: What happens next? – BBC News

Brexit: What happens next? – BBC News
Sola absolutely wapa ever defeat for the government, so big, the Prime Minister was volunteering to have a vote of no-confidence, potentially bring the whole shebang crashing down. The government being kicked out by unpays Tammy Coleman pass up an opportunity that look like that. The government has lost the confidence of this house in this country by there for me to speak, inform you. I have now tabled Abduction of no confidence. Nothing is completely whacked in the boat with just had, but it doesn’t tolerate that they will lose the vote of confidence, because conservative and pees might not be able to agree on a anything you pay. The prop up the prime minister in Downing Street, will vote with her too. So if the government survived no confidence, what happens next, we will make a statement about the Way Forward. Motion civista is the beginnings of a plan B might look like, and we also know that the Prime Minister, the next few days, he’s going to talk to the dupe proper up and government and seeing you and pays other political policies to. How much is she willing to compromise on all sides of the house to listen to the bush people who wants this issue settled just that? She cannot seriously believe that, after 2 years of fighting she’s capable of negotiating a good deal for the people of this country. So what can the Prime Minister come up with in just the next few days and so Outback said? She’S got loads of people to try and persuade here and if she manages that she’s been going to talk to Brussels and now that the agreement was a done deal.
The BBC’s political correspondent Chris Mason casts his eye into the political crystal ball.

After a Commons defeat and vote of no confidence, where does Theresa May go with her Brexit plan?

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