Brexit : What is the backstop? – BBC News

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Brexit : What is the backstop? – BBC News
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Brexit : What is the backstop? – BBC News
You may have heard about the backstop: it’s a peaceful time release it. What’S it have to do with brexit think in terms of a safety net future of the Irish Border off the brexit. Why? Because this line between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland border between the UK and the European Union trade lives in theory that should be inspections at the border. They bring back memories of 30 years of conflict in Northern Island checkpoint, read relationship in the future as open as it is now. But if I count all that’s a delay, that’s where the backstop comes in its illegal guarantee to avoid a heart border under all circumstances. The government in the EU have come to an agreement about how it should work, but Theresa May’s Critics on happy. They say: there’s no discount close to allow the UK to leave the new Customs relationship.. It was only ever designed to be temporary. The government wants to stop to get it through Parliament. The EU insist, the renegotiation is not on the menu that looking for a compromise Before Time Runs Out. You said the bank still has to be part of the withdrawal agreement needs to be ratified before brexit is due to happen on March 29th.
What is the backstop and why does it matter for Brexit? Reality Check’s Chris Morris tackles the terminology.

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