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Aretha what’s going on wherever we live however we voted Kimberly is exhausted by the whole thing how confusing is the brexit protesting it really hurts like on the news right that going this way Britney is going that way LC said all the arguments about tariffs and treaties but she doesn’t know what to believe it’s right do you think you know now instead of all of this division many had questions about the future so you think business can have Cyril even know exactly what’s going to happen when I’m just driving we got questions about the UK folders I think the biggest question is how did you control it for the city unless you’re Golden Sun dream but again isn’t as much as you think it is Elijah wants to know about Northern Ireland from this referendum is going to be hella so I think we’ll Angie needs a visa to Holiday in Spain John be able to bring home leave to The Back Store for Oliver soft brexit hard brexit for this app scenery definition of what either one is I’m ready to stop overheating about brexit Fabian
BBC’s Jon Kay has been to Birmingham – one of the most polarised areas of the country during the Brexit vote – to find out what people there want to know.

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