Brian Banks Talks Road To Exoneration: ‘Anything Is Possible’ | NBC News Now

Brian Banks Talks Road To Exoneration: ‘Anything Is Possible’ | NBC News Now
Brian Banks Talks Road To Exoneration: ‘Anything Is Possible’ | NBC News Now
16 years old, when he was accused of a crime, he did not commit a lost 11 years. Scholarship is prevented from playing football. This system is broken. The system doesn’t care about me. I didn’t deserve what happened to you. Prince Jackson sat down with things to discuss his remarkable journey and the criminal justice system was football for you growing up. What did it mean to you, or I grew up in the city of Long Beach in California? Football was one of those options that kept you busy, kept you out of trouble and potentially can get you. You know scholarship and move on out of the city. I ended my junior year in 11th in the nation and was entering into my senior year when you know this whole tragic ordeal took place. It was a promising football player from Long Beach when he was accused of rape. On the advice of counsel, he took a plea deal I’ll wager in, but they would see is a big black teenager in an orange jumpsuit, and I would I would automatically be as soon as guilty and if I die. If I did take the deal that she promised me and guaranteed me that I would 90-day stay Idris, the probation. That I wouldn’t that go home now was the position that I was put in at 17. Not able to speak to my mom not able to talk to anybody else said that this was a good idea or not, and I had 10 minutes to make this decision, and so I the deal taking the advice of my counsel, Brenda judge, gave me the higher Term of six years anyway, Event in May 2012, with the help of the California Innocence Project Banks was exonerated exonerated. The childhood friends would accuse him contact in banks on Facebook last year and admitted on tape that she made up that allocation. You know kind of vacated and just be happy that I got my life and you feel like it’s almost a responsibility at this point. You know I’ll never get those 10 years back and to say that you could get over a you’re kidnapping, a 10-year torture. A 10-year the humiliation of 10 years of life lost like you, you can’t say that all you’re completely fine, it’s going to be with you forever, but it’s how you redirect that energy and what you put that energy. I know what it feels like to send that Cajun to beg for helping The Plea for help and no screams fall on deaf ears. I know what that feels. Like you know an end and sold for me to finally receive the help that I had to beg for it for so long. You know the who’s mean not turn around and give others that same type of help and the fact that now there’s a film about it and there’s all these questions about and all you people want to inquire about it and now, I’m even in talks with families. At havoc reinstate our are experiencing it on fully aware that I’m a representation that many people count on me to to to convey the story right that I continue to push and make noise about what we as a result of the wrongful conviction Community have experienced. So I just thought: I’d try and you know how I feel, and you know, to decide and focus more on how I could be of service to others. Just plain and simple, our criminal justice system and how much of a bigger issue that shouldn’t be in 2020 is not appealing. You know it’s not a sexy conversation that we live in a society where you erase the color of your skin. How much money you make and what type of representation you have in court determines what will happen to you in court 95 to 97 % of all coming places in the United States will end in some form of what it doesn’t necessarily mean that 97 % of People are guilty, it means that people are being forced into deals exhaust into deals feared into deals. I accept experience all three. You know we have. We have over azaleas hug District Attorney’s office. Is that one of uphold the idea of being tough on crime and uphold this High conviction rate? So many things with their assist? I can be fixed, and so I’m hoping with this film people see and learn about a few of those flaws and and are encouraged to to to make noise and want to see change after being 12 Maiden Atlanta Falcons roster. What did that mean to you to live out? That dream was experienced? Lights almost had a dream come true, it was a dream restored. You know I one point. That was a dream that was taken away from me. So to be able to read for that opportunity was, is, and will be a highlight of my life. You know it only shows you that, and you know, if you keep striving, keep pushing you stay positive things. Will will eventually turn in your favor Carolina one moment to dictate the duration of your life, but he’s got to keep pushing for a NBC News subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interview show highlights, and digital exclusives
Wrongly convicted Brian Banks talks about the movie based on his life. The former high school NFL prospect shares details about his long road to exoneration and how he fought for his freedom. NBC News’ Lawrence Jackson sits down with Banks to discuss his remarkable journey and the criminal justice system.
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Brian Banks Talks Road To Exoneration: ‘Anything Is Possible’ | NBC News Now

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