Brian Mulroney on his eulogy for George H. W. Bush

Brian Mulroney on his eulogy for George H. W. Bush
Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney joined us from Washington. He spoke at George Bush’s funeral today, eulogy about their personal friendship, the president’s role in history and how he was a friend to Canada, Miss Maroney. Thank you so much for taking the time. You clearly had a very personal bond with this man beyond the politics, Beyond you being, prime minister, he being president is, must be a very emotional day for you. What was it like to say goodbye to a friend in such a public way? Well, it was a it was bittersweet in the it made me very sad, but on the other hand, what was Jim Bakker Jim, not Jim Bakker, but Jon Meacham and others mentioned today – that’s it for for George. This would be a happy time because he’s reunited with Barbara and there and their little baby robin so it was bittersweet, but I must say that From perspective, Canada and our national interest, we’ve lost a big friend. When George was President knighted states. Big things happened for Canada and with Canada, so I’m hoping this can be recaptured. Do you are very much an ambassador for our country and you have long recognized how crucial that relationship? Actually is it’s going through some challenging times nowadays, as you are very familiar with? How do we reset the clock? How do we rebuild? How do we get back where we used to be? Well, it all depends on the Prime Minister, because he’s the only one that could deal with the president. Now when I was there, I dealt with Ronald Reagan and George Bush and Bill Clinton. Those were my free interlocutors, so I was privileged. That was much easier for me than it is for the Prime Minister today cuz, you know what’s going on and then the relationship of has been damaged, obviously, and the manner in which we talk to each other. In a boat, each other has changed enormously. That’S said one can vote or not vote the Prime Minister like or not like his government, but one thing that no one can deny is that he is a gifted person with interpersonal skills and if he flies all of that on a regular basis to Washington. I think that this relationship can be revived and even improved upon, so I’m not a pessimist about it. I, but I’m a realist. I know that if you get big things done in the world, you better have the president of the United States in your cap, or I can guarantee you not much is going to happen of historical significance significance. President Bush was an honest one that you could defend. Canada’S interest, but also give Frank advice on international issues as they came up and yet still manage at the end of the day, to stay friends without any lasting anger, bitterness, nastiness, Bia much rare thing nowadays, isn’t it. I think it is. You know when George was president and we were planning the the the war in the Middle East to expel from Kuwait. I said to him at Camp., I’m sorry not at Camp David and Walkers Point in the summer of 1992 George. I agree with everything you said and Canada is going to support you in this war, but we will not support you unless you go to the United Nations and get a security Council resolution authorizing this relationship. I said Canada is not a superpower, we work multilaterally and the United States is excuse. Me. United Nations is a major part of that puzzle for us so and you’re going to have one hell of a tough time. I said to George: if you proceed without Canada, because everybody in the world is going to say what’s going on, they can’t even get their dear friends the Canadians on side. So you know you think that he would have offended by that, not at all he told his administration. We are going for a resolution of the security Council and he was instrumental in all of that. So he took criticism and he knew how to act on it and to act on it in Canada’s favor. I want to tell you he resolved a lot of matters for us, not just NAFTA, and not just the acid rain tree, but many other important things for Canada he’s. He resolved them, giving the benefit of the doubt at all times to Canada. So that was pretty good. That was a pretty good deal for me, and so I I made certain that our Bishop with the United States of America, irrespective of the criticism I would get back home from the Looney left on this kind of thing. I think that it’s it’s a major step Ford when this can be done, and I was very pleased to have that available for Canada when I was prime minister since you are in Washington relationship between our two countries. We know these tariffs against Canadian steel and aluminum a big source of frustration for the Trudeau government we signed on to this new NAFTA deal those terrorists still in place. What would your recommendations be icy? Some people in Canada said what mr. Trudeau should not have signed. Nafta, you should have said to Trump get rid of those terrorists first and then I’ll sign. Well, that sounds interesting. It is a nice thought, but it’s Never Gon na Fly Panda. Here’S a 1.2 trillion dollars a year trade agreement that we’ve signed with the United States and Mexico, and it is the richest free-trade area in the world and so on. Mr. fruit help prepare it make it happen, so I think that, of course you did the right thing by signing it – and I can bet you a dollar to a donut right now that those sanctions are going to go away. Brian Mulroney joining from Washington to give eulogy today for his friends, George HW Bush. Thank you for this Mister maronie. Wonderful to have you on the program today. Thank you.
Brian Mulroney says delivering his eulogy was ‘bitter-sweet’ and reflects on the impact George H. W. Bush had on the United States and Canada.

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