Brian Pallister wins second term as Manitoba Premier

Brian Pallister wins second term as Manitoba Premier
Brian Pallister wins second term as Manitoba Premier
Handed Manitoba’s 42nd general election Progressive conservative, Brian pallister, won a decisive victory tonight. Here’S a shot of a pallister party headquarters in Winnipeg. He was the front-runner going into this race and secured a sec majority Government Palace Derby, NDP rival, lab canoe in a race that focused on Healthcare and tax cuts. Jill macashan is at pallister headquarters tonight, Lincoln election more than a year before that fixed election-day didn’t hurt him at all. So what was the key to his re-election tonight? The selection and that always helps the incumbent, Brian pallister, had promised Manitoba to add much more to do a campaign. He said that he wanted to cut taxes and back he did cut the PST by just 1 % right before the election was called, but the story of the progressive conservatives did lose feet to the new democrat. They were decimated in the 2016 election. They’Ve came. Come back now gave me about six or seven seats, which Will Smith leaders position with that party. The Liberals will maintain their three to four seats and the greens were hoping to make an impact. This election, just didn’t, which may be telling for the federal election, which is just around the corner, baby speaking to the larger picture here, Lisa, alright, just a few hours away now, she’ll Mac is showing up Brian pelzer’s headquarters tonight. Thank you. Jill
Jill Macyshon has the latest on the Manitoba election, where Premier Brian Pallister and the Conservatives have won a second term.

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